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Pull weeds Fortnite: the locations to validate the challenge this season

Pull weeds Fortnite: the locations to validate the challenge this season

This week, you will have to do a little gardening in Fortnite! Reality shrubs need a little maintenance, and we explain the procedure to follow to quickly succeed in this challenge.

Shrubs of reality, it talks. Main feature of this season of Fortnite, these plants are going to need you this week. Indeed, one of the challenges asks you to pull weeds around reality shrubs five times. As a reminder, the shrubs in question appear in totally different places during each game. Nevertheless, there is a favorite place for their cultivation: the Cascades of Reality . You will have a better chance of finding these shrubs near their mother tree.

Where can I find Reality Shrubs?


It is the players themselves who can plant reality shrubs wherever they wish. Therefore, you can potentially find these trees anywhere. The best place to find them is the Cacades de Réalités . All you have to do is find shrubs and then interact with the weeds around them.


Don't forget that you can also plant your own shrubs wherever you want! All you have to do is pick up reality sprouts, which are on the roots of the mother tree, then throw them on the ground to grow them.


To complete this challenge, you will need to pull a total of five weeds. Each reality shrub can only harbor three weeds. You will therefore need to exploit at least two of them. This weekly challenge remains particularly lucrative because it will earn you 15,000 experience points. In a season where collecting XP has never been so tricky, it's always good to take.

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