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Hunter decks - Hearthstone: All our Descent of Dragons decklists

Descent of Dragons
Hearthstone: All our Descent of Dragons decklists
Hunter decks
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Descent of Dragons arrived on December 10, 2019 on the Hearthstone live servers! The opportunity to find the last conflict between the Adventurers and the E.V.I.L League. News mechanics, new heroes, and especially new decklists and new decks themes. We have grouped together the Hunter decks to be tried when the extension is released.

For each deck, you will find its code to copy on the game, the new expansion cards required to play it, and its general theme.

Highlander Hunter - Rdu

Code: AAECAR8engGoArUDxwOHBMkE8gWuBsUI2wn+DJjwAqCAA6eCA6CFA+aWA/yjA+SkA5+lA6KlA6alA4SnA/muA/uvA/yvA4ewA+ewA5GxA9iyA5+3AwAA

New cards: Blazing Battlemage, Dwarven Sharpshooter, Phase Stalker, Dragonbane, Big Ol' Whelp, Veranus, Dragonqueen Alexstrasza

Dragon Highlander Hunter - Alliestrasza

Code: AAECAR8eqAK1A4oHxQjbCYnxAqCAA5uFA+iJA+aWA/mWA7acA56dA/yjA+SkA6alA4qtA4utA46tA5etA/yvA/6vA4ewA4iwA+ewA/CwA4WxA4exA5GxA9iyAwAA

New cards: Dwarven Sharpshooter, Corrosive Breath, Scalerider, Primordial Explorer, Diving Gryphon, Stormhammer, Dragonmaw Poacher, Frizz Kindleroost, Dragonbane, Big Ol' Whelp, Veranus, Evasive Wyrm, Evasive Drakonid, Dragonqueen Alexstrasza

Highlander Quest Hunter - Dekkster

Code: AAECAR8e0wG1A8cDrwSrBtsJgQrh9QKY+wL2/QKggAOghQPjiwPXjwO2nAPHnQP8owPkpAOkpQOmpQO7pQPypQOYqQOOrQP4rwPwsAOCsQORsQOusQOftwMAAA==

New cards: Clear the Way, Diving Gryphon, Dragonmaw Poacher, Faceless Corruptor, Shu'ma, Dragonqueen Alextrasza

Mech Hunter - Sezoklo

Code: AAECAR8GoIADh7AD7LADgLEDgrEDn7cDDOL1Au/1Arn4ApH7Apj7Aqj7Avb9Atf+AomAA8yBA7acA+qwAwA=

New cards: Hot Air Balloon, Gobglider Tech, Dragonbane, Faceless Corruptor, Camouflaged dirigible

Highlander Hunter - Zlsjs


New cards: Blazing Battlemage, Dwarven Sharpshooter, Corrosive Breath, Diving Gryphon, Dragonmaw Poacher, Dragonbane, Faceless Corruptor, Veranus, Dragonqueen Alexstrasza

Secret Highlander Secret - Kripp

Code: AAECAR8engGoArUDxwOHBMkErgbbCYEK/gyY8AKggAOnggObhQOghQP1iQP5lgO2nAP8owPkpAOfpQOipQOmpQOEpwOOrQP4rwP7rwOHsAOCsQORsQMAAA==

New cards: Clear the Way, Phase Stalker, Diving Gryphon, Dragonbane, Faceless Corruptor, Dragonqueen Alexstrasza

Dread Raven OTK Hunter - Regiskillbin


New cards: Dread Raven

Dragon Aggro Hunter - Viper

Code: AAECAR8CrwSHsAMOqAK1A+EE3oIDoIUDiq0Di60Djq0D+a4D/rAD/7ADgrEDhbEDh7EDAA==

New cards: Blazing Battlemage, Corrosive Breath, Scalerider, Diving Gryphon, Stormhammer, Evasive Feywing, Dragonbane, Faceless Corruptor, Murdragon, Evasive Wyrm

Hearthstone: New expansion Descent of Dragons is now available in game!

The third extension of the Year of the Dragon, Descent of Dragons is available in game! New mechanics, new cards and a new game mode are on the menu. Discover all the information in this article!

Descent of Dragons Complete Card List

Following the announcement of Hearthstone next expansion at BlizzCon 2019, a lot of cards have already been revealed. While some of them will be slowly unveiled during the next few weeks, you can already check the ones we know!

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