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Hearthstone Descent of Dragons Deck Guide : Anka OTK Rogue Deathrattle

Descent of Dragons
Hearthstone Descent of Dragons Deck Guide : Anka OTK Rogue Deathrattle

Introduced this weekend, Anka OTK Deathrattle Rogue is one of the promising decks of this Descent of Dragons expansion. Here's a complete guide, with the decklist and the new cards you'll need to play it.

Hearthstone Descent of Dragons Deck Guide : Anka OTK Rogue Deathrattle

The Descent of Dragons expansion has finally arrived on Hearthstone and with it the related Side Quests and a new mechanism, Invoke. We invite you to come back to an interesting decklist, the OTK Deahtrattle Rogue. Here's the code, the list and the new cards required to play the deck, as well as some gameplay (and we even put a little variant!).

Anka OTK Rogue - Posesi

Code: AAECAaIHBK8EoIADhKYDwa4DDbMBtAGcAogF1AX7DPbsAt76Auz8AvGnA7uuA7+uA4KxAwA=

New cards: Bloodsail Flybooter, Necrium Apothecary, Faceless Corruptor, Flik Skyshiv

Anka OTK Rogue - Alexander

Code: AAECAaIHBK8EoIADhKYDwa4DDbQBnAKIBdQF9uwC3voCj5cDtZ8D8acD9acDu64Dv64DgrEDAA==

New cards: Bloodsail Flybooter, Necrium Apothecary, Faceless Corruptor, Flik Skyshiv


After the Galakrond Shaman, we thought we had gone around the far too strong cards of this extension. This Rogue, straddling between the Ungoro Quest Rogue and the Big Priest, shows his power.

Popularized only since December 15th, the deck is finally quite stable. But before any technical explanations, here's the idea:

  • The earlygame is controlled by the hero power, the Bloodsail Flybooter (possibly Pharaoh Cat depending on the version) and Backstab.
  • The drawing mechanics are activated with Acolyte of Pain and Novice Engineer.
  • Ideally, on turn 3-4 or 5 (depending on the Coin, Wisp or Backstab), you want to play Necrium Apothecary who will necessarily pick an Anubisath Warbringer and gain his Deathrattle.
  • Depending on what you have in hand, activate this Deathrattle with Necrium Vial, Necrium Blade and then sacrifice your Apothecary in the opposing minions. Your entire hand is then buffered from +3/+3 to +9/+9 depending on the case, or even more.
  • Once you have drawn your Anubisath Warbringer(s) and if the opponent continues to resist, you can play Anka the Buried him to reduce the cost to (1), since it's their Deathrattle that is important. If you play against Control, then play them as 9/6 to force your opponent to use resources to get rid of them.
  • Finish your opponent by flooding the board of Pirates/Stonetusk Boar/Leeroy Jenkins.

If the final concept is rather simple and finally quite repetitive, there are several things to know and precautions to take to play the deck.

  1. If you never pick your Anubisath Warbringer or Necrium Apothecary, you will not win. The goal is therefore to hard mulligan to have Necrium Apothecary as soon as possible. Avoid throwing everything around the Apothecary if you have one, as you risk picking Warbringer and making your deck harmless. To put it simply, if at some point you find yourself with your 2 Warbringer in hand, without Anka, you'll have lost.
  2. Against decks that may play Silence effects (Shaman with Earth Shock, Mage with Polymorph, Priest with Silence) or other such effects, take the time and make sure you can activate an Apothecary's Deathrattle at least once, through the Deathrattle of the Necrium Blade for example. Again, if your 1st Necrium Apothecary is incapacitated, you will waste so much time that it will often be prohibitive.
  3. When you are confronted with a Control deck, take your time to do the most optimized turns possible in terms of Deathrattle activations (on turn 10, you can for example play 1 Pirate, a Necrium Apothecary then Necrium Vial on it, and finally activate the Necrium Blade Deahtrattle for an immense value)
  4. Facing a Midrange deck, the Wisp + Faceless Corruptor combo is very often decisive for recovering the board. And even more so when the Corruptor has been buffed before.
  5. Anka The Buried is another way to "win". Not directly of course, but it reduces the cost of your Warbringers and you can destroy them yourself with a Backstab if necessary. And clearly, a buffed hand +6/+6 will be unmanageable for 90% of the opponents' decks.
  6. Bloodsail Flybooster is useful for early games, but also potentially represents 2 buffed servants who each cost (1)
    Vicious Scalehide and Ziliax are your lifeline to survive very aggressive decks, especially after 1 or 2 hand buffs.
  7. Flik Skyshiv is absolutely replacable, even if it's a good way to get rid of big threats.
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The new Hearthstone extension, Descent of Dragons, is available since December 10. Here is our selection of decks made by professional players or streamers, to have fun once your boosters are open.

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