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LCS Summer Week 8 Power Rankings: Six teams already qualified

LCS Summer Week 8 Power Rankings: Six teams already qualified

As the League of Legends Championship Series enters its ninth and last week of the 2020 Summer Split, six teams are already guaranteed to be qualified for Playoffs and the four bottom teams are now competing to join the Losers' Bracket...

LCS Summer Week 8 Power Rankings: Six teams already qualified

Unlike the LEC, the League of Legends Championship Series doesn't use the Championship Points system anymore, and eight teams qualify into Playoffs instead of six. In other words, there isn't much at stake, except for the bottom four of the LCS Standings.

For Dignitas and Immortals, the journey into Playoffs was already jeopardized a few weeks ago, but the dream is now almost dead. As a consequence, even though teams' seeding will be determined by their placement at the end of this last week, we already know six of the eight qualified teams.

Team Liquid, Cloud9, Team SoloMid, FlyQuest, Golden Guardians, and Evil Geniuses are mathematically sure they can't lose their spot but their two remaining matches will be decisive to determine if they join the Winners' or the Losers' Bracket.

The fate of these teams is already sealed, but the last two places aren't yet locked. If 100 Thieves or Counter Logic Gaming choke this week, a perfect record would allow Dignitas or Immortals to pretend for a Tiebreaker...

1 — Team Liquid

Previous ranking: 1st (=)

Week 8 record: 2-0

It was an easy week for Team Liquid who obliterated Dignitas and CLG without a drop of sweat. Even though they lost to FlyQuest the week before, the team feels incredibly strong and will certainly make a very good representative for NA at Worlds.

They're surely benefiting from Cloud9's current weakness, and their lead is strong, but they'll have to maintain their level through a big duel this week, as they're facing TSM on Monday. Their first seed is at stake here.

2 — Team SoloMid

Previous ranking: 4th (+2)

Week 8 record: 2-0

Team SoloMid are hungry for victory, and they proved it last week by defeating two of their direct competitors, Evil Geniuses and Cloud9, pocketing their fourth victory in a row in the process. Although their match against EG was quite contested, with the gold advantage going from one team to another over the game, TSM played a very convincing game. 

Against Cloud9, they had to fight neck and neck until the first baron but they never let go of the control of the game when they managed to seize it. TSM are in really good shape, and a perfect week will allow them to tie for first place with Liquid...

3 — FlyQuest

Previous ranking: 3rd (=)

Week 8 record: 2-0

FlyQuest managed to beat the demon of inconsistency last week, with two convincing victories over 100 Thieves and Evil Geniuses. Given their current record they should lock a spot in the Winners' Bracket, especially since their two matches this week should be fairly given. Whereas it's Immortals or CLG, FlyQuest should pocket two more easy victories.

4 — Golden Guardians

Previous ranking: 5th (+1)

Week 8 record: 2-0

Golden Guardians have never been so convincing. Surely, they benefited from Cloud9's current weakness, but a win is a win — especially against the returning champions. This match was heavily contested from start to finish, with a turning point after the second baron of the game. In any case, the Guardians managed to pull off a victory thanks to their science of teamfights.

Their match against CLG was quite different, as the latter had only a slight gold advantage during... 19 seconds. Golden Guardians crushed CLG, and we weren't expecting anything else from them.

5 — Cloud9

Previous ranking: 2nd (-3)

Week 8 record: 0-2

Cloud9 only won three of their last eight matches, and they're now sitting on a three losses streak. Nothing is lost for the returning champions, whose record is pretty solid, but the two losses they pocketed last week surely had an impact on their confidence.

Both matches ended with a crushing victory for their opponents and all in all C9 had very little control over the games. They're currently beyond recognition, but the stake are low this week. Even if they lose two other games, C9 are almost guaranteed to be locked in the Winners' Bracket. 

6 — Evil Geniuses

Previous ranking: 6th (=)

Week 8 record: 0-2

Let's face it: that was a bad week for Evil Geniuses, as the team pocketed two more losses making it three in a row.

Although they proved to be strong contenders for the LCS title at the beginning of the Split, EG definitely lost momentum over the past couple of weeks. While their match against TSM was fairly contested, they got absolutely dominated by FlyQuest which secured a gold advantage around 18 minutes and made it grow until it reaches 8k.

Given their current record, EG are guaranteed to qualify in Playoffs, but their seed isn't yet locked. The might very well manage to secure a spot in the Winners'Bracket... but the Losers' Bracket is just around the corner.


7 — 100 Thieves

Previous ranking: 7th (=)

Week 8 record: 1-1

100 Thieves should make it to Playoffs, except if they choke this week. Given their current record, they can lose one and only one game — but that's all the margin they have. Actually, they're facing Dignitas, which means they'll have to defend their spot directly in the Rift. With two more victories, they'll be ensured to qualify for Playoffs, even if Dignitas or Immortals somehow manage to grab more wins.

8 — Counter Logic Gaming

Previous ranking: 8th (=)

Week 8 record: 0-2

Counter Logic Gaming lost their sixth consecutive game last week, and the odds of seeing them not qualify for Playoffs have never been higher. Given its current record and its current state, CLG might very well get kicked off by Dignitas or Immortals.

Actually, it would only take one defeat to open the door to a Tiebreaker. Considering their opponents this week, FlyQuest and Cloud9, CLG seem already doomed.

10 — Immortals

Previous ranking: 10th (+1)

Week 8 record: 1-1

At this point, the ranking of Immortals isn't even questionable. The only reason we ranked them above Dignitas is that they faced each other and that Immortals won. However, it was a horrendously long match, as it took them 49 minutes and four Drakes to eventually close the game.

Just like Dignitas, Immortals' future solely depends on other teams' results. Not only do they need to win all their matches, but they'll also require the Thieves or CLG to lose at least one match.

9 — Dignitas

Previous ranking: 9th (-1)

Week 8 record: 0-2

Dignitas keep falling and falling, and the miracle we could have hope, for now, seems purely mythological. It seems there's nothing that can save them right now, especially considering their opponents this week. Even if they manage to win two games, which already seems improbable, they'll need CLG or 100 Thieves to lose all of their games to pretend for a Tiebreaker.

In other words, everything seems to suggest that their split ends this week.

Do you agree with our power rankings? Have we misplaced a team? Feel free to drop a comment in the section below!

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