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League of Legends: More details of the Dr. Mundo rework revealed

League of Legends: More details of the Dr. Mundo rework revealed

Following the recent update on Dr. Mundo's rework, Riot Games have revealed a little more about how the Madman of Zaun will play out.

League of Legends: More details of the Dr. Mundo rework revealed

The next League of Legends champion to get a rework, Dr. Mundo has been in need of a going over for quite some time — unless you're me, of course, someone who likes to one-trick him in the jungle just as he is now.

As part of Riot Games' 2021 update, more information has been revealed, and it looks promising. Here's what you can expect.

A first look at the Dr. Mundo rework

Mundo's rework is starting to take shape in League of Legends — here is everything we know so far.

The main goals with the rework are removing the 'mad scientist' theme, and turning him more into what happens after an experiment (on him) goes wrong. To this extent, he becomes almost Hulk-like. So, a visual update was necessary to fit the theme of 'not being in the right skin'.

“Visually, Mundo is an explosive character that doesn't fit in his clothes. For me, that's what makes him so threatening and powerful.

With the new Mundo, you will see that there is room for a more dynamic character. He wears sandals and his animations have a multi-layered personality. Obviously, Mundo underwent a whole host of grueling modifications before escaping. His outfit and weapons are clear signs of what has happened in his recent history, and it has been fun painting the details that support that story.”

Edgar “SpaceReptile” Monteon, Character Illustrator

League of Legends
League of Legends

“During the early stages of exploration, I wanted to lean on the ridiculous side of Mundo, and have fun making him as funny as possible. His silliness is part of what makes him unique, so it was fun to see how dumb and weird you can make him.

But he also had to look dangerous, so the real challenge was to keep the balance between that serious side and his cartoonish nature. His central mechanics must feel powerful and heavy, but with a few touches of lightness."

League of Legends

“Originally his Q was to be a jump throw, which was satisfying enough, but looked too carefree and cheerful. The current version sees him throwing his ax while leaning forward, with a tiny slowing down to prepare for the blow. Then, he immediately resumes his walk, pulling another weapon from his bag. The fact that he keeps moving forward even while throwing his ax makes him very determined. He never stops.

His turn attack, on the other hand, underlines his stupidity and his insensitivity to pain…"

Drew "sandwichtown" Morgan, Lead Animator

League of Legends

Mundo and Physico-Chemical Augmentation

*"One of the main things for this project was the idea of "physico-chemical augmentation." *I really wanted to emphasise that Mundo's excessive strength and indifference to pain were the result of chemical experiments and increases.

His ultimate is the most striking example of this. It is the most emblematic moment, we see Mundo transforming into a monster which regenerates HP.

The team really wanted to draw attention to this — so let's look at Mundo's unstable chemicals and medical tools, and see what happens."

League of Legends

"How can such a transformation be highlighted? Quite simply by making it big, so big that it bursts his jacket, rips it to shreds and tears the buckles off. Then we saturate it with good old chemicals from Zaun.

It is so saturated that you can see clouds of evaporation around it, a real gas cloud, and the rest drips off as it goes by, to give the impression that it is really full of chemicals."

Jason "LankyTree" Chisolm, Visual Effects Illustrator

League of Legends

Skins Redesign

"All set for the PvP Rift Quest Invitational, it's Rageborn Mundo!

Today I wanted to show you a specific skin from Mundo's impressive wardrobe, which will finally fit into a theme of the new story. Rageborn Mundo is coming back with more pep, a tribute to its classic myth but adapted to the current edition.

Mundo burns with the rage of a berserker and paves the way for victory over the corpses of his enemies. Even the cute necromancers are not safe!"

Sunuman "KindLeJack" DePandito, Concept Artist

League of Legends

There's no official date for the Dr. Mundo rework, but don't expect it in the next few weeks at least!

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