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Patch 11.11 is here, and we've got the patch notes rundown!

Patch 11.11 is here, and we've got the patch notes rundown!

The patch looks to repair the damage which the Jungle changes have done, and also provide new builds for Senna. Top lane is having the items looked at, to allow for more variety in builds and possibly opening it up for new Champions.

Patch 11.11 is here, and we've got the patch notes rundown!

The next League of Legends patch is here, and went live in the early hours of May 26.

The patch brings a host of changes, most notably to Senna, as well as the PROJECT event. Nexus Blitz will also return to support the PROJECT release, running from May 27 to June 28.


(Q) - Conquering Sand is having the mana cost decreased, allowing him to generate more soldiers and aid his laning phase.


Elise was indirectly buffed due to the recent Jungle changes, so her on-hit damage while in spider form has been decreased to 20% AP.


Ezreal has apparently been struggling at all levels, so he is being given more defensive stats to help him; a slight increase to armor and health regen growth.


The new Jungle has hurt Graves, so a buff to his AD growth should help him farm the reworked camps.


Riot tried to remove Hecarim's tankiness and allow for more damage oriented builds. The Jungle changes paired with the previous nerfs have put him in a bad spot.

(Q) - Rampage and (E) - Devastating Charge have both had their damage ratio increased.

Lee Sin

Lee Sin saw a lot of play at MSI, mostly due to being able to clear waves quickly through (E) - Tempest and Goredrinker's active.

The cooldown on his (E) is being increased to 9 seconds.


Leona has seen a lot of priority, especially as tanky Supports stay in meta, so Riot are reducing the damage from her (W) - Eclipse by 15 at all levels.

Master Yi

The official patch notes seem to list this is a nerf, but they talk about it as more of a change.

To allow for more counterplay, and remove the reset-focused gameplay between his (Q) - Alpha Strike and Duskblade, the damage ratio on his (Q) is being reduced and pumped into his (E) - Wuju Style instead, to put power into on-hit builds.


Since her recent changes, Morgana has simply taken over the Jungle. The damage on he (W) - Tormented Shadow.


Reminiscing of the old times, Nautilus has been given a buff to (E) - Riptide to bring him back to the Jungle; as it now deals 150% increased damage to Monsters.


Qiyana has seen a lot of play at high levels, due to her ability to roam in the early game pretty easily.

The bonus movement speed on (W) - Terrashape has been reduced by 2% at all levels.


Rumble's overheat has definitely caused pain for opponents. The on-hit damage cap on Junkyard Titan is being reduced by 40.


Health growth has been increased, to help offset the loss of defensive items in the preseason changes.


Senna is the highlight of the patch, as Riot work to move her away from tanky builds such as Frostfire and Grasp of the Undying.

The bonus attack range from her Passive is being reduced to 20, but the healing on her (Q) - Piercing Darkness will now scale with 160% lethality.

Likewise, her (E) - Curse of the Black Mist's movement speed will now scale with AP, and (R) - Dawning Shadow's damage's AP ratio has been increased by 20%.


Mid lane Seraphine is getting a buff, but alongside the changes to healing and shielding items, it might also affect her Support version.

(W) - Surround Sound is having increases to the shield on both herself and allies.


Apparently AP Shaco, and Support Shaco, are too strong. (W) - Jack in the Box and (E) - Two-Shiv Poison are having the AP ratios reduced.


(E) - Fling will now have the cooldown scale, instead of being a flat 10 seconds at all levels.


The movement speed enhancing (W) - Move Quick is having the cooldown reduced.


Urgot has been on the receiving end of nerfs for a while. The damage ratio on his (W) - Purge is being modified to be lower at later levels, affecting his power outside of the laning phase.

PROJECT skins announced for League of Legends

New skins are coming for six Champions, plus a Prestige Edition skin for Sylas

Tank items

Tank items are being changed up, removing Bramble Vest as a 'standard' pickup by lowering the armor slightly but also removing the armor-based damage from the Thorns passive.

Warmog's Armor will now proc the passive at 1,100 health, instead of 3,000. This will make it more accessible, especially early into the game, but this could inadvertently pass on to be a standard buy in other roles.

Warden's Mail, Randuin's Omen, and Frozen Heart will now have their Rock Solid damage reduction scale off of health, with Frozen Heart's attack speed slow also being increased.

The Dr. Mundo rework is here, ready to go live on League of Legends in Patch 11.12

The update has been talked about for a while, but League of Legends' resident doctor is ready to hit Summoners Rift with a new look, as well as new abilities. The update is confirmed to go live in the next patch, but hits PBE sooner.

Moonstone Renewer and Staff of Flowing Water are being buffed slightly. The former gaining more power on Starlit Grace's heal and shield power, while the latter will grant more AP.

Black Cleaver will now have increased armor reduction on the Carve passive, and Divine Sunderer's Spellblade passive will deal more damage and grant more healing.

To pair with Senna's changes, Frostfire Gauntlet is being nerfed for ranged users, with weaker slows and a longer cooldown.

Serpent's Fang is also being buffed to further enhance the shield reduction.

Wardstones have also been changed up, with Stirring Wardstone being removed and Vigilant Wardstone being tied to the Support Quest.

The final changes are to runes, with Hail of Blades having the cooldown doubled due to its prominence and flexibility. Biscuit Delivery is also having the sellback of the biscuits reduced.

Dr. Mundo rework hits League of Legends in Patch 11.12, here is the first look at his new abilities!

The Dr. Mundo changes have been on everyone's minds since the Volibear rework. While there is a focus on the visual changes, there have been changes to his abilities too.

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