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New items coming to League of Legends this Summer, and already plans for Preseason

New items coming to League of Legends this Summer, and already plans for Preseason

In the latest Ask Riot, the developers have released plans for new items. They have given details on three Items they plan to add to the game, but only two may make it this Summer. The other will be added in the preseason, as well as any new items they feel need adding.

New items coming to League of Legends this Summer, and already plans for Preseason

When asked about new Items, League of Legends developers replied with "We are working on two new items and one heavily reworked one. Ideally at least two of these will make it to live during the summer; the third one we’re not sure about yet, as it may slip to preseason."

The first of these three items is a new Legendary tank items. The plan for this one is for it to have a binding, like Knight's Vow and Zeke's Convergence, but the bind is with an enemy rather than an ally.

The item will grant damage reduction against that targeted enemy, as well as tenacity reduction against them when near them. This will give many new options when players need to focus on a single threat, whether it be a fed carry, single-threat composition, or a split pusher.

Viego and Gwen will be enabled for the LEC Summer Split

The LEC has deemed both champions ready-to-go for the competition starting next week.

The second item will be for split pushers. This is a reworked Sanguine Blade, where they're keeping the idea but changing the stats.

While little information is given, it is being taken out of the Lethality space so it can appeal to any AD Champion.

The power will be shifted so it continues to focus on 1vX potential, which is more SoloQ focused, but will also give power to taking a tower against durable opponents, which is more pro focused.

The plan is for this rework to ship alongside the Legendary tank item, as they will interact with each other as well as being top lane/split push focused.

The Dr. Mundo rework is here, ready to go live on League of Legends in Patch 11.12

The update has been talked about for a while, but League of Legends' resident doctor is ready to hit Summoners Rift with a new look, as well as new abilities. The update is confirmed to go live in the next patch, but hits PBE sooner.

The final item in development is an Enchanter Support Legendary item.

This item is to help shore up some of the Enchanters weaknesses, being squishy and therefore easy to punish if caught out. This new item will provide defences similar to Zhonya's Hourglass, but with a more supportive identity.

While covering a clear weakness of Enchanters may allow for no counterplay, making them too safe and strong, I'm sure this is welcome news for Lulu mains who are tired of being hooked and burst constantly.

Teamfight Tactics Skyglass event delayed, but URF Dowsie is on the way

The Skyglass event has been delayed, however a new Mythic class of Little Legends will be introduced. URF Dowsie will be the first of the new Mythic tier.

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