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League of Legends 11.13 Patch Preview

League of Legends 11.13 Patch Preview

The next patch is due to deploy next week, and will bring new items as well as nerfs to mobility. This League of Legends patch is focused on system reworks, so not many Champion changes.

League of Legends 11.13 Patch Preview

The patch preview from Mark Yetter is here, giving us a sneak peak at what Patch 11.13 may hold for League of Legends.

As usual, these changes are all tentative, so may not ship this patch — or at all. The numbers are also not included, so we don't know the exact changes.

Ezreal and Divine Sunderer have been dominating games, and the first week of LEC saw that come through with constant bans going the Prodigal Explorer's way. A nerf is going the way of the item to help bring everything back in line.

Many of the items which grant mobility, both as a stat and as a passive, are being changed. Many movement speed items are getting straight nerfs — while items which grant movement speed, such as Dead Man's Plate and Trinity Force, are getting adjustments. This could be a change to the numbers, or a change to how the mobility works.

Coming alongside this are more nerfs to Rumble, as well as Lee Sin. Buffs to Xayah and Aphelios, who saw many nerfs last season due to their prominence, as well as Olaf and Dr. Mundo who clearly isn't up to power from the rework; although these could be due to their reliance on movement speed which is being nerfed.

Tahm Kench is getting his small rework, and work is being done on Viego to take him back to the Jungle, instead of solo lanes. Moonstone Renewer is getting yet another buff.

New items coming to League of Legends this Summer, and already plans for Preseason

In the latest Ask Riot, the developers have released plans for new items. They have given details on three Items they plan to add to the game, but only two may make it this Summer. The other will be added in the preseason, as well as any new items they feel need adding.

Mages are also getting a buff this patch. Recent changes, including the preseason item update, has seen a decrease in satisfaction and power for Mages.

The AP Mana Mythics are having their costs reduced by 200 Gold, with further work being considered for the future.

Everything you need to know about the new League of Legends game mode, Ultimate Spellbook

Ultimate Spellbook will allow players to fulfill their fantasies, as they can use other Champion's Ultimates in combination with their full kit. This new League of Legends game mode opens opportunities to discover incredible combos.

New League of Legends item is on PBE, and this one can extend Crowd Control durations!

Riot Games has introduced another new item to League of Legends. Anathema's Chains is on the PBE, joining Hullbreaker as one of the new items coming to League of Legends.

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