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New League of Legends item is on PBE, and this one can extend Crowd Control durations!

New League of Legends item is on PBE, and this one can extend Crowd Control durations!

Riot Games has introduced another new item to League of Legends. Anathema's Chains is on the PBE, joining Hullbreaker as one of the new items coming to League of Legends.

New League of Legends item is on PBE, and this one can extend Crowd Control durations!

League of Legends has new items on the way, and we've already seen Hullbreaker. The new one, however, is the anti-split push item. Anathema's Chains are here to help target single enemies.

League of Legends

The new item is made to deal with single target threats, with dev's identifiying it as an option for handling split pushers or a fed carry.

Players can target an enemy and bind to them, in a similar way to targeting allies with Knight's Vow or Zeke's Convergence. This can, however, be done at a global range. This marks the enemy as a Nemesis.

Players will gain stacks against their Nemesis over time, called Vendetta stacks. Each stack will reduce damage taken from the Nemesis up to a maximum of 30%.

This is why it is going to be good at dealing with fed carries, as well as split pushers, as players can reduce the damage taken by a hefty amount. While it may feel like it could be another thing in a Tank's arsenal to be unkillable, we've all be in games where one fed carry melted through everyone; this is how to counter it.

Hullbreaker item to replace Sanguine Blade in League of Legends

The new item will bring split pushing possibilities to a range of Champions, as the stats are more generic than that of Sanguine Blade. This is the first of at least three new items which are planned to be added to League of Legends.

Furthermore, at max stacks the Nemesis will have 20% reduced Tenacity when near the player, This means stuns and slows will be even more effective, again helping to take down fed carries and single targets.

Some are already theorising how strong it will be for Junglers, who can choose the Nemesis and get to max stacks before ganking, meaning they have the Vengeance passive to help increase their ganking power.

It should also be noted that the Vengeance passive can take the target's Tenacity below 0%. While this may still change as it is on PBE, it seems like an intentional design which they are running with. This means that any Crowd Control effects will have the duration increased, making stuns and slows last longer. In comments, the developer confirmed that it will increase Polymorph's duration.

The item costs 2,500 Gold, and builds from Kindlegem and Giant's Belt.

There is also a new item called Elderplate in development. This seems to be a Tanky item with Magic Resist, similar to Force of Nature (which we know is being looked at) and Spirit Visage.

Currently, we can only seem the stats and the build path, as well as its 2,900 Gold cost.

These are all just appearing on the PBE, both Anathema's Chains and Hullbreaker are due to come to live in Patch 11.13; which is due for release next week.

New items coming to League of Legends this Summer, and already plans for Preseason

In the latest Ask Riot, the developers have released plans for new items. They have given details on three Items they plan to add to the game, but only two may make it this Summer. The other will be added in the preseason, as well as any new items they feel need adding.

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