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Hullbreaker item to replace Sanguine Blade in League of Legends

Hullbreaker item to replace Sanguine Blade in League of Legends

The new item will bring split pushing possibilities to a range of Champions, as the stats are more generic than that of Sanguine Blade. This is the first of at least three new items which are planned to be added to League of Legends.

Hullbreaker item to replace Sanguine Blade in League of Legends

League of Legends developers recently spoke about new items coming to the game this year, one of them being a reworked version of Sanguine Blade.

Sanguine Blade has been an odd item, fitting a tight niche but not necessarily being usable by the Champions which want to split push due to its Lethality identity.

New items coming to League of Legends this Summer, and already plans for Preseason

In the latest Ask Riot, the developers have released plans for new items. They have given details on three Items they plan to add to the game, but only two may make it this Summer. The other will be added in the preseason, as well as any new items they feel need adding.

We now have details of this new item, named the Hullbreaker, which will replace Sanguine Blade.

Although it leans to the tankier side of things, giving the bearer bonus health and health regen, it does make it viable for more Champions to use.

Instead of granting the bearer bonus combat stats based on enemy Champions, it will now grant defensive stats based on nearby allies. It will also give a straight bonus damage against Towers too. - League of Legends

While this all seems exciting, some fans are worried about how unhealthy it will be to the game. Buffing nearby cannon minions seems to be a Banner of Command call-back, and with it being a non-mythic item it can easily be bought.

Giving such tanky stats, it seems a great purchase for Top laners who will not be near allied Champions so they can take full advantage of the stats. Some even suggest it could be a first item for some Champions, so is this going to be a new Zz'Rot meta?

Obviously changes can still happen as it will hit PBE for feedback. The item is due to deploy to live servers with patch 11.13, which is in a couple of weeks on June 23rd.

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