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Elden Ring with the harp? This is the unusual challenge of the week!

Elden Ring with the harp? This is the unusual challenge of the week!

Have you ever tried to overcome the bosses of Elden Ring using... a harp? This is the challenge set by musician Anna Ellsworth, which she carries out brilliantly. That's right, why use a controller when you can play an instrument?

The bosses in the Underworld are more than formidable, or at least they seem to be. Since the game's release last February, shardless people from all over the world have shown us that it is possible to beat them, quite easily even, with all kinds of unusual objects. Margit the Fallen was annihilated using a Ring Fit, various mobs were defeated using a fisher price controller (for children aged 6 to 36 months, remember), and a player came to the end of the dragon stealing Agheel while playing with a banana!

So much madness, but we are far from having seen everything...

Defeat bosses with the harp?

It is now possible! At least, that's the feat accomplished by YouTuber Anna Ellsworth , among others (as you might have guessed) a musician. The harpist has taken on poor Margit, who seems to be the target of all the players' quirky experiments. It is important to specify that it is not a question of the harp bow, which can be obtained in game, but indeed of a real harp.

The scene, while remarkable, is also very comical. The music of the confrontation is entirely camouflaged by the noise of the harp, which lets out weak notes. This is not a concerto, but a total achievement!

How is it possible ?

This is the question that all the viewers of the video asked themselves. On Reddit, the harpist's performance went around the world and completely ignited the network.

As far as technique is concerned, the players are adamant: just like for the banana, Anna Ellsworth has linked each string of the harp to a very specific command : "My harp is connected to the computer and then goes through two programs , one that detects footsteps and turns them into notes and the other that hears the notes and binds them to keys" .

As for her feelings, the harpist said that Margit gave her a hard time : "He has an incredible sense of balance and my character doesn't. Seriously, I don't can't tell you how many times I've fallen off the cliff."

The musician can therefore be proud of herself, because she has accomplished an elegant feat. She revealed that she wanted to tackle other, much more difficult bosses in the future. A few days before attacking Margit, Anna had already struck down the Sentinel of the tree, still using her harp. Who knows, maybe in a few weeks, she will have overcome Malenia?

0 kill in 34 minutes in competition? Welcome to LCK!

In League of Legends, everything can go very quickly and it's not uncommon to see real stomps, especially among professionals. But Korea obeys a different logic and we had the right to a somewhat long match with a very late First Blood... a bit broken, but very funny.

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