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League of Legends, LoL: Champions without skins for more than 1000 days!

League of Legends, LoL: Champions without skins for more than 1000 days!

With the dawn of the year 2020, we looked at the most forgotten Champions League of Legends, the club of the skinless for more than 1000 days — and as time goes by, there are more and more of them...

League of Legends, LoL: Champions without skins for more than 1000 days!

Time flies, and some champions gradually fall into oblivion...

Not so long ago, Xerath and Skarner were breaking the record for days without a skin, over 1700. Far from being two exceptions, the list of League of Legends champions who have been skinless for more than 1,000 days continues to grow, reaching 20 on this last day of 2019. Four champions are even in the legendary Top 4: more than 1,600 days without new appearances.

(This list takes into account the next skins to be released with patch 10.1 next January, so champions like Ryze or Trundle are not present).

  • Skarner – 1707 days
  • Xerath – 1707 days
  • Mordekaiser – 1683 days
  • Rek'Sai – 1646 days
  • Vel'Koz – 1367 days
  • Sion – 1354 days
  • Kindred – 1312 days
  • Shyvana – 1312 days
  • Volibear – 1305 days
  • Taric – 1263 days
  • Kalista – 1228 days
  • Pantheon – 1207 days
  • Maokai – 1145 days
  • Nautilus – 1143 days
  • Bard – 1136 days
  • Karthus – 1136 days
  • Azir – 1073 days
  • Quinn – 1059 days
  • Zyra – 1024 days
  • Kennen – 1004 days

Moving thought for Kindred and Rek'Sai who, since their respective releases, have received only one unfortunate skin (apart from the one of their release).

Even if the number of skins released each year is increasing, some champions are definitely not favored by Riot Games. You also have to take into account that year after year, the number of champions in the rift keeps growing, which increases the time it takes for a champion to get a new skin (except for Lux and Ahri, of course). So as a fan of Rek'Sai, Kalista or Bard, we hope that the year 2020 will finally do you justice!

PBE Patch 9.15: already 18 Champions tweaks...

Get ready for the next PBE Patch in League of Legends: Patch 9.15! There are no changes to champions, yet. However, you can already discover the brand new PROJECT skins as well as the icons and emotes related to this event.



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