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LoL: No new skins for Xerath and Skarner for 1700 days

LoL: No new skins for Xerath and Skarner for 1700 days

There are champions who have been forgotten by Riot Games in recent years — two especially. Xerath and Skarner haven't received a new skin in over four years.

LoL: No new skins for Xerath and Skarner for 1700 days

Are you a Skarner or a Xerath fan? The days must seem very long since their last skin was implemented into League of Legends. Indeed, the last time Riot Games designed to give them a new look was April 26, 2015, more than 4 years and 5 months ago, an eternity ago in fact. It was Xerath and Skarner Guardian of Sands.

The upcoming Guardian of Sands skins - League of Legends
The upcoming Guardian of Sands skins

Without counting this extremely long waiting time for the OTPs of these two champions, it should also be pointed out that Xerath and Skarner have ONLY 4 skins to their credit, which may seem very little given that they are not new to the Rift. We hope that 2020 will bring them new appearances. However, don't count on the first patch of the year, 10.1, which is already well loaded with new features with the next Sett champion, new Mechas Kingdom skins... and new Guardian of Sands skins for Janna, Rengar and Ryze. Ironic, isn't it?

Anyway, if you're a fan of Mordekaiser, you should know that he has only been waiting for a new skin for 1676 days...

PBE Patch 10.1 notes: Sett, the Boss, heads to the Rift

Following Aphelios' release, we were expecting a new juggernaut to be added in League of Legends. Brace yourselves, because Sett, the Ionian Boss, is coming!



Lucas Coelho 3 years ago

What about my Taliyah? She only has a skin from her launch day!<br /> And it is about 3 years she doesn't get a new one!

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