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Hearthstone Masters Tours heading to Bali, Indonesia in March!

Hearthstone Masters Tours heading to Bali, Indonesia in March!

The new phase of the 2020 Hearthstone competitive tour has been announced! After Arlington, the Masters Tour will welcome more than 300 players next March in Indonesia. Here's all the details on qualification and the tournament.

Hearthstone Masters Tours heading to Bali, Indonesia in March!

While the Masters Tour in Arlington has not yet begun, Blizzard has dropped a surprise by announcing the next stop on its competitive circuit in Hearthstone.

After the United States, the players will meet in Indonesia in a new tournament organized by Blizzard from March 20 to 22, 2020.

Like all Masters Tours that were organized in 2019, it will welcome more than 300 players from all over the world, with a prize pool of $250,000.

This could also be increased if Blizzard follows the Masters Bundle concept, which doubled the prize pool of the Masters Tour Vegas!

Qualifiers will be run from December 12 to January 26, with registration available as usual on Battlefy two weeks before they start.

Here are the different ways to get your invitation for the Masters Tour Indonesia:

Win an online Masters qualification tournament between December 12 and January 26.

  • Achieve a score of at least 7-2 at the Masters Tour Bucharest.
  • Achieve a score of at least 7-2 at the Masters Tour Arlington.
  • Win an on-site qualification tournament at the Masters Tour Arlington.
  • Reach the top 8 in 5 qualifying tournaments for the Masters Tour Indonesia.
  • Reach the top 16 of the rank Legend of the games ranked in December and January
  • Be part of the Hearthstone Grandmasters.

Check out all the changes made to the Masters Tour system that will apply to the Arlington and Indonesia events.

All cards unveiled during Descent of Dragons Final Reveal Stream!

A lot of cards were already unveiled at BlizzCon 2019, followed by others that were revealed day by day. However, the last home stretch is for today! Today, during a live stream, Blizzard is going to reveal to us the last card of Descent of Dragons!

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