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Resident Evil Village Walkthrough: The Reservoir

Resident Evil Village: Complete Walkthrough
Resident Evil Village Walkthrough: The Reservoir

The next chapter in our complete Resident Evil Village walkthrough sees us head to the Reservoir to take on Moreau.

Our Resident Evil Village walkthrough continues with a visit to the Reservoir, before taking on Moreau.

This next section doesn't involve too much combat, and shouldn't take very long to complete.

Destination Reservoir

After making a supply stop at the Duke's house, use the Four-Winged Unborn Key to unlock the gate to the south of the Altar.

Head down the stairs, and a flying creature will attack you. Hide inside the house and climb the yellow ladder. Watch the monster move from the roof, and once it is far enough away, drop, quickly break the crate on your right, and rush towards the hole in the basement of the house opposite.

Continue into the basement until you reach a new ladder. Duck down and walk along the terrace to the stairwell leading to the ground. Head directly opposite and go through the open window on your left, where some zombies are waiting for you inside.

From the door, watch again the movements of the beast, go back through the rear window to fake out the monster, then go to the wooden pontoon to branch off directly to the river and reach the new area.

Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil Village

The boat and its key

A slime barrier blocks your way, so use the knife to remove it. Head to the Windmill, where you'll have to make your way through more slime to reveal a yellow ladder with missing rungs.

Take care of the pigs in the courtyard below. Enter the Windmill, then down into the basement to pick up a mine. Use the Reservoir Elevator, go right, then left -- at the moment you can only follow the passage. You'll arrive in front of a wooden hut, go left to trigger a cutscene and meet Moreau. Collect the Arms Flask and break more slime to progress.

A new entrance opens up in the previous room. Before leaving, take the time to dig to your right after the stairs to recover some ammo and break the tape that holds the wooden pontoon.

A yellow ladder takes you to a small cave with a hut. Prepare for battle; use the sniper to shoot down both enemies. Enter the cabin and collect the Boat Key on the wall.

You'll need to deal with some new enemies, including an armored lycan. Now is the time to use your mines and pipe bombs. Focus on the armored lycan first, then the rest.

Return to the mine exit and make sure to loot the area properly. You can now head outside and approach the boat. Take care of the two lycans and use the Boat Key to start it.

Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil Village

Follow the reservoir and get off at the dock, then into the tent for a cutscene. Run towards the end of the dock so that Ethan automatically jumps on the opposite bank; you will have to power the Sluice Gate to manage the water level.

In the hut at the back you will find the Duke. Take the opportunity to sell your items, then go to Moreau's lab to restore power. Exit through the wooden door, at the far end where you can find chickens and treasure.

Go to the first Windmill and turn the crank. This will break and you will need to find another one. Then enter the windmill and go down the yellow ladder.

Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil Village

Once outside, progress between the roofs of submerged houses. You will notice that when Ethan passes over the pontoons, his course is very significantly slowed down. Break the yellow tape to free the bridge.

Moreau will reappear here and you'll notice that with each passage it will partially sink the wooden planks. Wait for him to cross twice before sprinting onto the pontoon. Once you have crossed the first one, turn right and shoot the yellow tape that seems to hold back the rickety building.

Go back and take a left. Then, shoot the yellow tape on the other side to completely free the boards and reveal a passage. Push the cart into the water to make a platform then jump down to the left. Open the iron switch box and flip it to lift a platform.

You will have to complete a puzzle, operating the colored levers in a certain order: first throw the blue switch. On the second catwalk, activate orange then blue. Now for a speed test -- activate the cranks in this order: blue, orange, green. Then sprint on the pontoons at the back to the right until the finish.

Continue avoiding Moreau and progress along the platforms. He will wait until you return to the pontoon to reappear. Then return to the recess, wait for him to pass, then run to the end of the submerged path to continue.

Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil Village

Further on, push the cart into the water to create a walkway and access a dilapidated hut. Go up the stairs then push another cart. Now you have access to a safe path below, so take it.

You arrive in front of a wall of slime, so break it with your knife. Climb the ladder to the left and activate the yellow switch. This will raise a boat for you to get on. Walls of slime appear as you're attacked by Moreau; shoot the slime to get away.

Shoot the padlock that blocks your access to the second windmill, then a second to drop the yellow ladder. Climbt up and pick up the crank, and use it directly on the second windmill to change its orientation and create a path to the roof.

A zip line will take you back to the first windmill. There, insert the crank to restore power, then head back to the Sluice Gate Controls. Turn on the buttons by relying on the drawing as in the image below (use the position of the black button for guidance).

Once the correct code is entered, flip the lever to open the sluice gate. Your new goal is now to find the exit. Follow Moreau, not forgetting to collect the many supplies on the way, in particular the M1911 - High-Capacity Mag.

Prepare to take on Moreau.

Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil Village
Walkthrough Part 7: How to defeat Moreau

Now that the water level is down, you can go face off against Moreau in his swamp. Be careful, this Resident Evil Village boss is really toxic – so we’ve put together this guide on how to defeat him

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