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Fortnite: hit a rolling rock and move it with a moving bubble

Fortnite: hit a rolling rock and move it with a moving bubble

You wanted to break farmer this big rock, but it starts to move and roll down the slope? You have just become acquainted with the rolling rocks. And these rocks are precisely the object of a weekly challenge!

This week in Fortnite, you will have to hit a rolling rock and move it with a moving bubble via the weekly challenges. This season, Epic Games Battle Royale experience is very hard to collect, and the challenges are therefore even more important if you want to effectively farm your battle pass. This challenge is not very complicated, once you have identified the locations of the moving bubbles and rolling rocks on the island. The easiest way to start will be to land at the new place called La Bamboche .

Where can I find a mobile bubble?


We recommend that you land on the giant pink head of the teddy bear, inside which you will find moving Bubbles.

Where can I find a rolling rock?

Once you are at La Bamboche, comfortably installed in a mobile Bubble, all you have to do is look at the surrounding mountain peaks. You will notice that almost all of them are topped by a perfectly spherical block of stone .


Then all you have to do is crash into the rock while being in the mobile bubble. Please note: you must use the Bubble speed boost for the challenge to be validated . Also note that for the challenge to be counted, the rolling rock must be hit while it is on its base. If it has already tumbled earlier in the game, not sure that your challenge is validated.

This week again, the Mobile Bubbles are going to be particularly popular, and we recommend that you grab one as soon as you land, so that they don't all pass under your nose.

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