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LoL Patch 10.5: Eternals are here!

LoL Patch 10.5: Eternals are here!
Table of Contents
  • New Skins
  • Champion balance changes
  • Items balance changes
  • New icons

Patch 10.5 for League of Legends introduces a new wave of balance changes for champions and items. New skins also hit the Rift with the return of the Blackfrost skins!

LoL Patch 10.5: Eternals are here!

With Rise of the Elements, League of Legends underwent a lot of changes, notably in the jungle — but most of them tended to make the jungler role a nightmare. Following the changes brought by Patch 10.3 and Patch 10.4, the Rift feels much more healthy for most jungler. However, it's still not perfect and we can only hope that Patch 10.5 will address this issue.

Table of contents

  • Eternals

Flex on your foes with the soon-released Eternals system!

Currently being tested on the PBE, the new champion-specific stats tracker is planned to go live in Patch 10.5.

Turret Plating

Turret Plating

• Golde per plate: 120 ⇒ 160
New. Ranged Resistance: Turret plates take 17% reduced damage from ranged champions
• Outer Turret Armor and MR: 40/80/120/160/200 (at 0-4 plates lost) ⇒ 15/50/85/120/155 (at 0-4 plates lost)
• Bulwark Resistance: 35 per nearby enemy champion past the second ⇒ 45 per nearby enemy champion past the second
• Outer Turret Armor and MR after plates fall: 40 (unchanged)

  • Champion balance changes: Alistar, Amumu, Bard, Darius, Kayn, Lissandra, Mordekaiser, Neeko, Poppy, Rammus, Sett, Sivir, Sona
  • Items changes: Blade of the Ruined King, Ravenous Hydra, Titanic Hydra, Spellthief's Edge, Spectral Sickle, Boots of Swiftness, Boots of Mobility
  • Skins: Blackfrost (Alistar, Rek'Sai, Renekton), Hextech Sejuani

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