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LoL Patch 10.4 Notes: Soraka finally nerfed

LoL Patch 10.4 Notes: Soraka finally nerfed
Table of contents
  • New Skins
  • Runes Balance Changes
  • Item Balance Changes
  • Champion Balance Changes
  • Miscellaneous

Patch 10.4 introduces a new wave of balance changes for champions, but also for items and runes! It also announces the return of the Blood Moon skin family into the Rift.

LoL Patch 10.4 Notes: Soraka finally nerfed

February just started and a lot of new changes are already coming to League of Legends with patch 10.4.

Expected for a few cycles already, Wukong's rework was supposedly the main subject of this update — but it seems that the long-awaited changes of the Monkey King will have to wait for another cycle.

A few items and runes are also under the spotlights, and Riot Games also decided to bring some changes to the Immolate mechanic.

Table of contents

  • New Skins: Blood Moon (Master Yi, Katarina, Tryndamere)
  • Rune Balance Changes: Hail of Blades, Legend Runes, Perfect Timing, Phase Rush, Prototype: Omnistone
  • Item Balance Changes: Immolate items (Bami's Cinder, Cinderhulk, Sunfire Cape)
  • Champion balance changes: Amumu, Aphelios, Aurelion Sol, Caitlyn, Darius, Diana, Garen, Gnar, Jayce, Lux, Mordekaiser, Rammus, Singed, Sona, Soraka, Sylas, Talon, Udyr, Zed
  • Summoner Spell balance changes: Exhaust

• Duration increased: 2.5s → 3s

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