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League of Legends Patch Notes: 11.8 introduces Gwen, as well as Rammus changes

League of Legends Patch Notes: 11.8 introduces Gwen, as well as Rammus changes

A new Champion, some reworks, and more Jungle Champions, all come in 11.8!

League of Legends Patch Notes: 11.8 introduces Gwen, as well as Rammus changes

Patch 11.8 introduces Gwen to the League of Legends roster, as well as trying to move some champs to different roles; especially the Jungle.

Perhaps the highlight of the patch is that Gwen is coming! The Hallowed Seamstress is due to hit live on April 15th.

Champion Changes


(W) - Incinerate cost increased at early ranks

70/80/90/100/110 -> 90/95/100/105/110


Lethality from (Passive) The Hitman and the Seer has been increased.

(R) Moonlight Vigil has had changes across the board:

Calibrum damage per mark- 40/70/100 -> 50/80/110
Severum healing- 250/375/500 -> 275/400/525
Gravitum root duration- 1.25 seconds -> 1.35 seconds
Infernum splash damage- 85% of initial damage -> 90% of initial damage
Crescendum Chakram refund- 4 additional (5 total) -> 5 additional (6 total)


Cassiopeia is too reliant on Tear of the Goddess, which limits her power and item diversity. Her (E) Twin Fang has had the mana cost reduced at later ranks, instead of being a flat cost at all ranks, to help her mid-late game.

Dr. Mundo

This adjust is to help put Mundo back in the Toplane, they no longer want him to go where he pleases.

His (Passive) Adrenaline Rush is being buffed, to now passively restore 2.5% of his Maximum Health. Meanwhile his (Q) Infected Cleaver is having its damage cap against Minions and Monsters lowered, meaning he will struggle to clear as much; however it will now restore 100% of its health cost if it hits an enemy.

His (E) Masochism damage is also being reduced, with the Flat Bonus AD and Max Bonus AD being reduced by 10 at all ranks.


Gnar is having the passive movement speed from (W) Hyper reduced at early levels. This scales with his Ultimate, so won't match the previous stats until he is Level 11. However, it is a 5% increase at max rank.


(Q) Sigil of Malice Base Damage and Total Damage increased at all ranks, by 10 and 20 respectively.

Lee Sin

Cooldown on (E) Tempest reduced to 8 seconds at all ranks, from 10. This should help his clear speed, so he can keep up with the other strong Junglers,


We see Orianna a lot as a safe Midlaner. The resistances from (E) Command: Protect have been reduced at early ranks to help make her more vulnerable in the early game.


Rammus has had a few changes for this patch, mostly to help him match his Wild Rift appearance.

His (Q) Powerball has its damage reduced at later ranks, and the duration of (E) Frenzying Taunt's taunt has been reduced slightly at all ranks.

However, basic attacks will extend the duration of (W) Defensive Ball Curl by 0.4 seconds, to a maximum bonus 4 seconds.

The main change is a new Ultimate! (R) Soaring Slam sees Rammus leap into the air, slamming into the ground to damage and slow enemies. The area then produces aftershocks for 4 seconds, and stack the initial slow. If this is cast while Rammus is Powerball-ing, enemies near the centre are knocked up and dealth Powerball's damage.

Initial damage: 100/175/250 (+0.6 AP) Magic Damage
Slow: 15/17.5/20% for 1.5 seconds
Aftershock damage: 20/30/40 (+0.1 AP) Magic Damage

Damage near the centre is increased by up to 150% based on distance travelled.


Rumble is having some adjustments to make him more of a Toplaner than a Midlaner.

His Magic Resist base stats and growth are being reduced, while his (Passive) Junkyard Titan will deal damage based on the target's maximum health; meaning more damage against tankier opponents.

His (E) Electro Harpoons are also being tuned to help face tanks, as they will now shred their target's Magic Resistance by 10% (15% when in Danger Zone) for 4 seconds, stacking additively.


Thresh has been dominating as a top Support due to his reliability and flexibility. The cooldown on his (E) Flay is being increased at early ranks, previously a flat 9 seconds at all levels it will now scale from 11 seconds down to 9 seconds at max ranks.


Due to the Item rework in the preseason, Vlad can no longer rush CDR items as before. His (Q) Transfusion is being reduced at later ranks, down to 4 seconds at max.


It's fair to say Yorick has been a little strong recently, especially with his recent (E) Mourning Mist changes. These are being tuned back, with his Mist Walkers have lower base AD and lower AD scaling, and they no longer do 200% damage when they leap.

However, targets hit by the Mourning Mist will receive 40% increased damage from the first 8 attacks by Mist Walkers.

There is also the change in turret priority for The Maiden, which will be prioritised below melee and ranged minion; basically allowing it to live longer. There was the intention to apply the same thing to Mist Walkers, but this isn't included in the patch notes.


Zac lost some of his clear speed due to various changes to camp health and items. He is now gaining more damage on his (W) Unstable Matter, with it scaling at +4% per 100 AP rather than 20%; as well as gaining +10 base damage.

Gwen has had her abilities released, as well as her bio

Snip and thread through your enemies with Gwen, the Hallowed Seamstress and her abilities!

Jungle Champion Changes

Some Champions are being optimised for use in the Jungle. This was first done February last year, with some of the same Champions, in an effort to not only widen the Jungle pool but to also invite more players to play the role due to the Champions suitable.

Darius has his (Passive) Hemmorrhage do 300% bonus damage to Monsters, up from 175%.

Diana will also do 300% damage to Monsters with her (Passive) Moonsilver Blade, and the attack speed it gives at level one is being increased too.

Mordekaiser's (Passive) Darkness Rise is having the damage cap against monsters increased to 180 at all levels, it previously scaled up to 164.

In a similar way, Morgana's (W) Tormented Shadow is gaining 200% bonus damage against non-Epic Monsters; up from 150%.

To finish it off, Zed is gaining changes to his (Passive) Contempt for the Weak, which now only has a cooldown against Champions and has the damage cap against Monsters removed; apart from Epic Monsters where it has been set at 300.

Overall, the changes are aimed at clear speeds. Allowing these Champions to kill Jungle Monsters quicker.

Items Changes

Support Items are being changed this patch, with Moonstone Renewer being overhauled slightly. The Starlit Grace heal is being set to a flat 60 at all levels, instead of 50-100 based on the target's level. That same heal is no longer being amplified whilst in combat, but instead Starlit Grace will amplify all healing and shielding power by 4%, stacking up to 5 times to 20%. The Mythic Passive is now being changed to increasing Starlit Grace's heal by 10, meaning at full build it will still heal 100 as before.

This change is especially beneficial for healers, and is essentially a way to streamline the users to only be those with built in heals and shields. I do, however, wonder if this means we'll see more funnel compositions or lanes, as players try to reach full build for the maximum Starlit Grace heal.

Staff of Flowing Water is being changed to grant 20 Ability Haste instead of movement speed through the Rapids passive, but will continue to grant 20-40 AP. These bonuses are now going to last for 4 seconds, instead of 3.

Chemtech Putrifier is being granted a little more AP and, along with Ardent Censer and Staff of Flowing Water, is being changed to only proc its passive when another ally is healed or shielded. Chemtech Putrifier will also now grant the bearer its Grievous Wounds empowerment, rather than only the ally; similar to how Staff of Flowing Water and Ardent Censer work.

Other small changes come to Frozen Heart, which will grant 10 more Armor, Ionian Boots of Lucidity is having the price increased to 950 Gold, and Titanic Hydra is having it's Colossus bonus AD increased to be equal to 2% of the bearer's Bonus Health as Riot try to shift its power away from low-health builds.

The final change of the patch goes to Hextech Rocketbelt as they try to buff it to match Night Harvester's performance. While the Health is grants is being reduced, it is now gaining a small amount of Magic Penetration.


Season 2021 Honor 5 Chromas are here! Every season, a new chroma for Medieval Twitch and Grey Warwick are added to keep the rewards fresh each season.

When you players reach Honor 5, they will receive the Honor 5 capsule which will contain a token that can be redeemed for either skin, one of the new chromas, or an old chroma.

Grey Warwick and new Chroma - League of Legends
Grey Warwick and new Chroma
Medieval Twitch and new Chroma - League of Legends
Medieval Twitch and new Chroma

This is, of course, on top of the already announced skins. Blackfrost Sion, Blackfrost Vel'Koz, Dragon Guardian Galio, Dragonslayer Kayle, Dragonslayer Twitch and Space Groove Gwen.

New Blackfrost and Dragonslayer skins incoming

The recipients are Sion, Vel'Koz, Galio, Twitch, Kayle for these skins.

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