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Rick and Morty to come to Fortnite in Season 7

Rick and Morty to come to Fortnite in Season 7

The final teaser for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 has dropped, and seems to hint at Rick and Morty, the mad scientist and grandson duo, making an entrance.

Rick and Morty to come to Fortnite in Season 7

The third, and last, teaser for Fortnite Season 7 has been released, and this one seems to hint at Rick and Morty.

In a teaser which yet again shows a weapon, as well as some sort of cosmetic, there is a robot front and centre. This robot is being compared to that from Rick and Morty.

With the Twitter text relating to the bot and its transportation abilities, which may or may not come through in the game, fans are convinced that this points to Rick and Morty making an appearance.

As with other content that has been teased, it would make sense to see these characters as they journey through space a lot. With Rick's portal gun, it would be easy to have their entrance written into lore; maybe the Rifts will become Rick's green portals?


The text on Facebook which accompanies this image relates to the weapon. It refers to it as an 'ordinance delivery' so may be some sort of grenade launcher, saying it is effective against organic material but not so much against structures and cars.

The Instagram text talks about what could be a Back Bling. Referred to as a 'flower protector' which has the 'ability to increase style', it is clearly a cosmetic and likely some sort of pod with a flower inside.

There are hints that Superman may come to Fortnite in Season 7

As Fortnite Season 6 comes to a close, there have been images released that show potential new content coming to the game. One of these seems to hint at Superman coming in Season 7.

This ends the trio of teasers and the hints at content we are likely to see.

All three teasers have shown a weapon of a similar style. This one refers to what could be a grenade launcher or other explosive, the previous might be a shotgun, while the first might be a gravity gun; a possible new take on the Shockwave Bow and Grenades.

The teasers have also had some sort of Back Bling. The first had what seems to be Fishstick as a 'wearable replica', the second had a guitar, and now we have the flower protector.

This now leaves the question of what is the third character teased? The latest hints at Rick and Morty, the previous seems to be Superman, but the third is just a milk carton. Are we going to get an alien version of Agent Jones, since he appears in the 'missing person' advert on the carton?

Fortnite: The first confirmed news of Season 7

The first news of Fortnite Season 7 has lived up to expectations -- these are the three mysterious additions that have already been announced by Epic Games.


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