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Diablo Immortal: Wyatt Cheng Talks Legendary Rates

Diablo Immortal: Wyatt Cheng Talks Legendary Rates

The discovery of invisible rates and caps all over Blizzard's F2P MMO has made players wary, and many believe that you can't find more than a certain number of legendary items and sets per day or even per week. The game director tries to clear things up.

A few days ago, we compiled a list of known loot caps and caps in Diablo Immortal, but it mainly contains the most easily verifiable items, such as Enchanted Powders by completing quests, or Gems in Hidden Lairs. It's harder to determine if you've reached a quota of legendary items for the day, or if you're just unlucky.

Wyatt Cheng on the different limits

Blizzard has maintained the most complete radio silence since the release of Diablo Immortal, for easily imaginable reasons. They can expect a barrage of hostile messages from many players, as can be seen from the Metacritic rating given by players. Finally, the game director, Wyatt Cheng, dropped some information, but in a very indirect way. Indeed, he gave the following to MissCheetah, a Blizzard Forums MVP, so that he could pass it on to the rest of the community via the Diablo 3 forums, since Diablo Immortal has no forums. This is indeed ridiculous, and it says a lot about the current state of the studio. You can find the original post here .

Diablo Immortal

That being said, the appointment of the first Immortals, who were able to play with +400% magic item discovery for almost 6 hours, put these claims to the test. And the number of legendaries, as well as the rate at which they were obtained was more than suspicious. For example, many items were obtained during the first 2 dungeons, then nothing for hours, for the whole group. It's a bit big to be a coincidence with such a bonus. It may be a bug, but it's also possible that he simply didn't dare to admit the presence of modified limits or drop chances. After all, Wyatt Cheng has already been caught outright lying about the content and design of Diablo Immortal several times before, and it would be naïve to trust him on such a sensitive topic.

The reasons behind the hidden limits

Many gamers are frustrated that they haven't been openly warned by the game when they reach a limit in a certain type of activity. The reason given by Wyatt Cheng and that the studio didn't want players to feel pressured to hit all those limits on a daily basis, like a checklist to complete. This is something they intend to monitor and reassess in the future.

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