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Elden Ring: The Legend of Let Me Solo Her Continues

Elden Ring: The Legend of Let Me Solo Her Continues

Who would've believed that ? The legendary Elden Ring player, Let Me Solo Her, is not done making noise yet. He recently signed a new feat, that of defeating Malenia more than 2000 times.

To believe that the epic of the man with the head of a cauldron has only just begun! He has become the beloved icon of the Elden Ring gaming community, the symbol of perseverance and humility that we all aspire to become. Yes, it is indeed Let Me Solo Her , the hero in his underpants, the one we deserve.

Remember, he made a name for himself a few months ago by helping players fight the dreaded Malenia, one of the most difficult bosses in the game, simply and as his nickname suggests: by defeating her for you

Since then, his entire existence has been relentlessly serving the Elden Ring community.

Klein Tsuboi: The Legend Let Me Solo Her

We thought his name was going to disappear in the limbo of the Underworld, but like the phoenix, he came back. The one who had managed to defeat the Valkyrie Malenia 1000 times in stream broke a new record. Quietly, while the general public had forgotten him, he managed to defeat Malenia more than 2000 times, and does not seem to want to stop

The Let me solo her Experience

Finally noticed by Bandai Namco

After these incessant fights against Malenia but also against the lags and ambient toxicity of the internet, LMSH was finally noticed by Bandai Namco , who decided to send him a mystery gift to congratulate him on his exploits. Unfortunately we do not yet know the nature of this package, since it was delayed at French customs. What could it be that is refused in France? Food ? A replica katana perhaps? A slip?

Anyway, we are delighted for LMSH, and we hope he will be satisfied with his reward. And who knows, maybe he'll become an NPC in a future FromSoftware game if he continues to help the common man destroy evil.

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