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Ask Riot: End of the Ranked season, URF returns, incoming TFT match history

Ask Riot: End of the Ranked season, URF returns, incoming TFT match history

In the latest Ask Riot, topics covered include the end of the ranked League of Legends season, the return of URF, champions without mana, and match history in Teamfight Tactics.

Ask Riot: End of the Ranked season, URF returns, incoming TFT match history

UPDATE: October 29

The URF mode is available! Check our Tier List just below!

Set the Rift on fire with our URF Tier List

THAT'S IT, URF IS FINALLY BACK! From October 28th, 4:00 PM PDT to November 8th, unleash your (almost) no-cooldown abilities onto the Rift, and obliterate your opponents in a burst of laughs! Wondering who are the best champions to enjoy this mode as much as possible? Well, we got you covered.

UPDATE: October 16

Good news! During the League 10 event for the game's tenth anniversary, Riot confirmed the return of URF! Set your reminders, as it will come to the live servers on from October 28 to November 8.

It returns in its classic form, too!

It's time to Ask Riot! In this series, the League of Legends developers answer some questions asked by the community. This time, Riot shed a light on the end of the Ranked Season, the return of URF and the future Teamfight Tactics match history. Read on!

End of the Ranked Season

Riot didn't need a lot of words to answer this question: the Ranked Season will end on November 19. They advocate that "this could change if something weird happens". In other words, if any bug occurs. We still don't know which champion from the Rift will have the honor to receive a Victorious skin, but we couldn't be more hyped about this!


This whole story started with an April Fool in 2014 — do you remember? — and at this time no one was understanding how addictive this new game mode was going to be. Nevertheless, we'll need to wait just a bit to play URF again. For now, the release date hasn't been revealed but we can comfort ourselves with the ARURF returning to the Rift before the end of the year.

League of Legends ARURF Mode — Urf is back with a lot of changes!

ARURF lovers, brace yourselves — your favorite mode is currently being tested on the PBE, and should soon make its grand return to League of Legends!

Sorry, I'm OOM

In League of Legends, there are two types of champions: to cast their abilities, some of them use mana while others use another resource such as Rage, HP or Energy. Riot Games explain their choice:

1 —The champion has a different important resource they need to use (like Gnar’s rage). With more recent champs, we also have the option of adding a “second resource” that lets them still have mana, such as Jhin’s bullet system. This is used when the champion pattern or core concept relies on a new/different resource than mana.

2 — We actually don’t want the attrition risk of casting spells, going for more of an aggressive “spam casting” model (like Riven and Garen). We may use this model in cases where a champ has to take risks to get an advantage, so squishy melee or short-range fighters are the most common candidates. In contrast, a poke mage like Ziggs would be a very bad choice here.

3 — We want to emphasize another attritional element, like health costs for Mundo and Vlad. Over time, we haven’t found this to be a particularly exciting or interesting direction, so we haven’t been making many new champs with the health cost model. Significant health costs make the casting risk more immediate than long term, which too often would lead to not casting.
Riot Scruffy on Manaless Champions (Source)

Teamfight Tactics Match History

Riot eventually heard our complaints, and while no one was actually doubting they wouldn't release such a feature, we were all waiting for it. Well, brace yourselves, because TFT match history is currently tested on the PBE and Riot aims at releasing it with patch 9.19!

Patch 9.19 — Championship Ryze, Immortal Journey skins in Worlds patch

GOOD GRIEF, WE'RE FINALLY HERE — it's the Worlds patch! Alongside a legion of patch 9.19 balance changes, the Immortal Journey skin family grows and the Championship Ryze skin is finally released!



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