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Overwatch League champs Sinatraa and Super want major changes to 2-2-2

Overwatch League champs Sinatraa and Super want major changes to 2-2-2

The two San Francisco Shock players said in an interview that role queue did not completely satisfy them and that they hope to see some changes.

Overwatch League champs Sinatraa and Super want major changes to 2-2-2

The 2019 Overwatch League ended on Sunday 29 September with a San Francisco Shock victory and two players of the winning team expressed their opinion on a major change that marked Season 2.

The 2-2-2 arrival

Stage 4 of the 2019 Season was marked by the arrival of Role Queue — which requires teams to adopt a two tanks, two supports and two DPS composition. This put a definitive end to GOATS' domination (three tanks and three healers).

In the Overwatch League, players must choose a role at the beginning of the map and are obliged to keep it until the next one. They can't change during a game or between two rounds.

Not everyone is satisfied

Jay "Sinatraa" Won — San Francisco Shock player and Season 2 MVP — is known for his offensive Zarya, meaning that GOATS was very favorable to him.

With 2-2-2, Sinatraa is forced to choose between a tank or a DPS for an entire map. That's why he said there was "a very rare small chance that I play Zarya in the future".


A shared opinion

Matthew "Super" DeLisi — San Francisco Shock tank — agrees with his teammate. The player explains that he initially thought that role lock would still give players the opportunity to switch roles during (re)spawn phases.

This idea would not be applicable in quick play or competitive games because it is against the principle of queuing by role — but it could be considered for the Overwatch League.


San Francisco Shock about hero bans

The idea of being able to choose heroes to ban at the beginning of a game interests many Overwatch players — although for San Francisco Shock it is a little too early to consider this.

I don’t think hero bans will be a thing. There’s too little heroes in Overwatch and they matter too much. Each hero matters too much for hero bans to be a thing.
Sinatraa on hero bans

He added that he was not against the idea once the game will have many more heroes.

This opinion is shared by Super and Grant "Moth" Espe. He also added that banning heroes would require players to play the game in many different ways — while they are currently used to play depending on one single meta. According to him, this would add a significant amount of work and stress to Overwatch League players.

Season 3 will undoubtedly bring many changes, both regarding meta and new features within the game.

Overwatch League champs Sinatraa and Super on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show

The Overwatch League is coming to television! Sinatraa and Super have been invited to appear on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where they will discuss San Francisco Shock and their impressive victory in the Overwatch League Grand Finals.

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