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Debunk Hearthstone Myths with HysteriA!

For 85 episodes now, HysteriA has been working hard to show the whole community the strangest interactions on Hearthstone. This week, we find a Jaraxxus with 0 VP, a sneaky Saboteur or even SN1P-SN4P and Mimirons Head !

Reno, Finley, Elise & Brann - All heroes revealed!

Many clues lead to the League of Explorers for this second Hearthstone expansion of the Year of the Dragon. If Rise of Shadow brought 5 villains, it is easy to think that the 4 members of this league would be there to thwart them. But with which classes in the game?

Our Top 5 of the cards buffed in June!

In early June, the first wave of cards buffs on Hearthstone arrived. One month later, what is the outcome? We offer you an analysis of the best cards from this buff wave.

About the Next Expansion: all roads lead to Uldum...

While the latest events have made the past few months pass more quickly, the announcement of the second expansion of the Year of the Dragon is quite close. Here are the clues already gathered to imagine what it could be. It seems that we could travel to Uldum alongside the League of Explorers.

Purple leaves Gamers Origin for TempoStorm!

After the starts of Muzzy and Justsaiyan shortly before the Taipei Worlds, the Hearthstone Tempo Storm roster needed to regain strength to continue to really exist on the competitive scene. Ryan "Purple" Murphy-Root joins Amnesiac in the American structure on June 26th!

Developer Insights: a brief history of Class Identity.

Hearthstone developers have returned to the basics of the game and modified some of them: Vanish and Mind Blast paid for it, and the Hall of Fame is not far away. Once this is done, the Team 5 explains its vision of the different strengths and weaknesses of the classes.

Kim Phan departs role as Blizzard's Global Esports Director

Kim Phan, Blizzard's Global Esports Director, has left the company after 13 years. Rumors of her departure had grown in recent weeks, more so after the departure of Nate Nanzer, former commissioner of the Overwatch League.

Time to get Wild with Toki's Bundle !

Discover Toki's Wild Bundle and get 8 packs of all extensions only playable in Wild Mode. This offer is only valid until July 1st.

Discover Dog's Control Mage

Without Baku the Mooneater and Jaina the Frost Lich, the Control Mage needed to be completely reinvented for Rise of Shadows. Here is the decklist used by Dog to win the Masters Tour Las Vegas.

Masters Tour Las Vegas: Top 8 & Dog's Decklists

Find the lineups of the 8 best players of the Las Vegas Masters Tour, including European players Hypno and Kalàxz. You can collect their basic deck, but also see the differences with their secondary and tertiary decks and use them for your tournaments.

Esports Hearthstone: Twitch drops for the Las Vegas Masters Tour

The concept was tested during the World Championship in Taipei, and it worked pretty well — Twitch viewers will earn booster packs while watching the Las Vegas Masters Tour, 14-16 June. Viewers will receive 2 Rise of Shadows boosters, and will have a chance to receive boosters from other expansions.

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