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LoL: Game-breaking bug on Poppy lead players banned for intentional feeding

LoL: Game-breaking bug on Poppy lead players banned for intentional feeding

After Kayn, it's Poppy's turn to suddenly become capable of hitting enemies from the Fountain...

LoL: Game-breaking bug on Poppy lead players banned for intentional feeding

The "Kayn Bug" is back in League of Legends for the third time in a few months — with the only difference that it now affects Poppy.

By using Hextech Flash, The Keeper of the Hamme can now hit all living enemy champions with Q - Hammer Shock.

As you might have noticed in the video, the tool preventing players from toxic behaviors tagged the players that were killed as if they were intentional feeders, whereas they were just getting farmed in their own fountain.

Let us hope that these undeserved sanctions will be lifted quickly and that bugs of such magnitude will not emerge in the months to come...

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