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LoL: Pyke game-breaking bug heals him for 2000 HP

LoL: Pyke game-breaking bug heals him for 2000 HP

With two specific runes and only one item, the Bloodharbor Ripper can heal an absurd amount of health thanks to his Bone Skewer (Q).

LoL: Pyke game-breaking bug heals him for 2000 HP

Youtuber Vandril is one of the experts of the League of Legends community, well-known for his videos where he tries to push the limits of infinite stacking champions such as Veigar, Nasus, or even Senna.

This time, however, he addresses another issue as he discovered a game-breaking bug that allows Pyke to heal to full health with his Q — a behavior that is obviously not intended and that uses an exploit.

Video courtesy of @Vandril

Pulling the trick is actually pretty easy as you only need two runes and one item to proc the heal with your Q: Aftershock and Manaflow Band on the first hand, and Catalyst of Aeons on the other hand. Since Manaflow Band can only be used a maximum of 10 times per game, you can only reproduce the bug the same number of times — meaning you have 10 emergency giga-healing at your disposal.

Riot Games hasn't addressed the issue but we can safely assume that this kind of bug will be patched soon, either by a hotfix or by the regular update cycle. Until then, abusing from it is surely a bad idea...

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