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FIFA 20: Tekkz wins eChampions League

FIFA 20: Tekkz wins eChampions League

Last weekend was the eChampions League Invitational, the opportunity to highlight 8 European champions on FIFA 20, and in particular a player from the Fnatic organisation.

FIFA 20: Tekkz wins eChampions League

We introduced you to the different participants of the eChampions League on FIFA 20 in a previous article. The time has come to recap the results of this competition.

Photo credits: EAFIFAesports - FIFA 20
Photo credits: EAFIFAesports

Final phase

In the grand final, Tekkz scored an emphatic 4-1 against MoAuba .

Tekkz thus won the title of the eChampions League as well as the $35,000 prize for the winner.

Just before, he had to defeat NRaseck the winner of group B, while Tekkz was the winner of group A.

Details of Groups A and B are available below.

Photo credits: - FIFA 20
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Group A

Group A was played Thursday 08/20 and included Gorilla, Tekkz, MegaBit and DullenMike. These are the two Britons who emerged victorious from this group. Thanks in particular to a good performance from Gorilla.

Photo credits: - FIFA 20
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Group B

This was made up of MoAuba, Ollelito, NRaseck and Stokes.

Ollelito was disqualified because he did not meet the criteria for the composition of his team while the two Germans in the group did the job to qualify and therefore joined Gorilla and Tekkz for the grand final on Saturday.

Photo credits: - FIFA 20
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