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Rogue Company: 2020 Roadmap, Content Release

Rogue Company: 2020 Roadmap, Content Release

Rogue Company has just published its 2020 Roadmap on Twitter. You can find out what Hi-Rez Studio is planning to publish on its TPS.

Rogue Company: 2020 Roadmap, Content Release

Rogue Company is still in closed beta. This is an opportunity for developers to test and integrate new features into the game. To help players navigate through the process, Hi-Rez Studio has unveiled the 2020 Roadmap on Twitter.

Here are the three phases for Rogue Compay in 2020:

Phase 1

  • Player Identity: Show off your flair with custom avatars, banners and frames.
  • Surrender/Deserter Penalty: Reduce time in an imbalanced match through Surrender. Also a deterrent system for players who leave matches or go AFK.
  • New Map: Vice.

Phase 2

  • New Playable Rogue: Rogue Company is always expanding and a new member joins the team.
  • Custom Matches: Put together a competitive match or just practice with friends.
  • Ranked: Step up and play against the best Rogue Company has to offer for rewards and prestige.
  • Rogue Mastery: Unlock unique rewards and cosmetics as you win matches, master and level up each Rogue.

Phase 3

  • Equipment Mastery: Master your gadgets and weapons to earn rewards.
  • Battle Pass: Cosmetics, rewards, and more.
  • Gameplay Improvement: An Advanced Ping system to better improve team communication.

No precise date is known at this time. With the arrival of Vice recently, we can imagine that we'll soon enter the second phase. A little more patience before you can play the new character or the competitive mode.

New Rogue Company update coming this week!

Rogue Company will be getting a new update this week. 0.48 Vice Hotfix will fix some bugs and will bring the Shooting Range back.

Clémence LEMOAL
Clémence "Idril" Lemoal

La Anton Ego du jeu vidéo.

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