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Rogue Company: Desert Rose 0.50 Update & Patch Notes

Rogue Company: Desert Rose 0.50 Update & Patch Notes
New Features
  • General Updates
  • Weapon Updates
  • Bug Fixes

This week's Rogue Company update has been deployed. Called Desert Rose, this patch introduces the Mastery system and new Lockdown map.

Rogue Company: Desert Rose 0.50 Update & Patch Notes

This week Rogue Company deployed a new patch with a lot of new features. As expected, the Mastery system and Custom matches have appeared in-game. But what players will appreciate is the addition of a new map: Lockdown.

New map: Lockdown

Located deep in the jungles of Venezuela lies a maximum-security prison that houses some of the world’s most dangerous threats. Rogue Company has been called in to stop a breakout in progress. This new map features long sightlines for covering fire, contested power positions and intense close-quarter battles inside the prison’s walls.

Rogue Company
Rogue Company

Rogue Mastery

  • Each match in Versus mode will award Mastery Experience based on your match performance.
  • If you played more than one Rogue during a match (such as Demolition) the experience will be split equally between them.
  • At each Mastery level you will receive a reward and there are currently 10 available.
  • Levels 1 and 3 currently have rewards which include a spray and emote unique to that Rogue.
  • In an upcoming update we’ll 3 additional cosmetic rewards which tie into the Player Identity system.
  • In the future we’ll also unlock the Mastery page to let you view all the potential rewards.
  • Any levels you complete will unlock those rewards retroactively once they are introduced.
  • Note: This is still a system for our Beta and will receive additional improvements and additions

Custom matches

  • The Match Host will select which mode (Strikeout, Demolition) will be played and then select the map from the available choices.
  • Each match will require 2 players to launch.
  • Next the Host will select players from their friends list and send invites to the Lobby.
  • Players can be moved from team to team via the Move button or removed from the Lobby.
  • After each match there will be a Play Again option.
  • Note: You will not earn Reputation, Experience, or Mastery Experience in a Custom Match
Rogue Company

New ping system

Open up the communication wheel via the middle mouse button (down on the gamepad) to access the following commands (clockwise):

  • Defend Here
  • All Clear
  • Hold position
  • Cancel That
  • Group Up
  • Understood
  • Help Me
  • Enemies Moving
Rogue Company

You’ll also have access to a number of quips for Rogues which can be found by using the left mouse button while the Communication wheel is open:

  • Hello
  • Thank You
  • Nice
  • Good Shot
  • You Rock
  • Sorry
  • I’m the Best
  • You’re Welcome
Rogue Company: Dr Disrespect map unveiled

The first images of Rogue Company's Dr. Disrespect map have been unveiled. Players will soon be able to compete on a new playground in the Doc's colors.

Clémence LEMOAL
Clémence "Idril" Lemoal

La Anton Ego du jeu vidéo.

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