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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 5 Walkthrough: Crab Warden Boss Guide

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Walkthrough: Chapter by Chapter
Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 5 Walkthrough: Crab Warden Boss Guide

The Crab Warden boss stands between Avalanche and their next mission at the end Chapter 5 of Final Fantasy VII Remake. Our walkthrough details its strengths, weaknesses and moveset, and helps you take it down with minimal fuss.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 5 Walkthrough: Crab Warden Boss Guide

You must be getting used to facing the Shinra's robotic bosses in Final Fantasy VII Remake. In this area, the Crab Warden is a rather classic and quite fun boss, which will require you to properly exploit the abilities of all the members of the core group, gathered for the first time on a boss, since you have Cloud, Barret and Tifa present.

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Preparation & Materia

  • A bench and a vending machine will allow you to rest in a room a little before the boss, this will allow you to approach the fight in great shape.
  • The Crab's weakness is Lightning, as with all robots. We therefore advise you to equip each member of the group with Lightning Materia. This will give you an easy option to inflict critical damage.
  • It's also highly recommended that one or more members of the group be equipped with a healing Materia. Giving automatic healing gear or similar items to your teammates can allow you to focus on your own survival.
  • If it's still not done, don't forget to equip Ifrit's Summon Materia.
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Crab Warden abilities

  • Target Lock: A red sights appears on the character (usually the one you control), after a few seconds a devastating shot will hit it. You can parry or dodge with the right timing, but the easiest way is to go behind the boss's back which will cause him to lose his target.
  • Missile Barrage: As the name suggests, this missile will release explosive ordnance over a wide area and hit several characters. Getting out of the target area or dodging it at the right time can help you avoid it.
  • EM Field: Probably the most painful technique, when you see that the boss is preparing this technique, it is absolutely necessary to move away from it as quickly as possible because a circular electric zone will surround it. He likes to use it very regularly and unlike the rest, you will not dodge it on a misunderstanding, so be on the lookout.
  • Flamethrower (fire): A devastating area attack that will literally incinerate your life. The simplest way is to avoid staying in front of the boss, if he turns in your direction, roll to get to his back.
  • Wildfire (fire): Heavy cannon fire on the targets in front of him. Again, if he turns in your direction, roll around him.
  • Airsupport: Starting in Phase 3, he will call for flying robots for reinforcement on a regular basis. If you are very efficient you can destroy them, but as he regularly calls for them, it is usually a waste of time, and it is better to try to get him to phase 4.
Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Combat Phases

  • All phases of combat are the same. The Crab's attacks must be avoided while targeting its active Auxiliary Weapons, which often has the double advantage of disabling an attack and stagger him. It's best to use your physical attacks on the components, and Lightning spells on the boss himself.
  • During the first phase the 4 legs are obvious targets, Cloud zone attacks will work wonders in aggressive mode. It's also easy to always have one nearby to attack without facing the boss.
  • In Phase 2, the boss will start loading Missile Barrage with his two Auxiliary Weapons. You can either focus on these weapons to disable his missiles, or you can focus on the generator (which is not easy to hit in melee) which will inflict heavy damage and stagger him. This second option seems more effective as the boss moves around a lot and the auxiliary weapons are not easy to hit either.
  • During Phase 3, the boss will call Airsupport, but you can also summon Ifrit to assist you. Focus on the boss, try to keep his life as short as possible.
  • The last phase is the most intense, it will charge in all directions and release from zone attacks a new component will also appear. Depending on the circumstances, you can try to destroy it to overthrow the boss, or simply try to end the boss's life. If you the world uses lightning spells with the remaining mana, it should go fast.
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