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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Guide: Where to find the Magnify Materia

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Walkthrough: Chapter by Chapter
Final Fantasy 7 Remake Guide: Where to find the Magnify Materia

The Magnify Materia is one of the most useful Materia in FF7 Remake, helping boost your spellcasting. It's also necessary should you want to complete the more difficult challenges. Here's where you can find it.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Guide: Where to find the Magnify Materia

One of the more crucial materia in the original title, the "All" Materia makes its return in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

It is now called Magnify Materia, but its use differs from its 1997 counterpart. For a start, you can't sell it for 1.4 million Gil once maxed out. Also, there is only one copy you can obtain in the entire game.

It also won't reappear — if you miss it, then it's gone forever. This makes it highly essential that you collect it as you progress in the story, as you will certainly need it in the tougher boss encounters.

Secondly, it no longer automatically targets all party members or enemies. Instead, it has an area of effect, meaning you'll have to position accordingly if you want all party members to benefit from that heal or wait for enemies to be grouped up if you want them to suffer at the hands of your spellcast.

The effectiveness of the paired materia is reduced when using the Magnify ability, from 60% at 1* to 25% at 3*. Therefore, you'll want to have it equipped at all times so you can benefit from the AP growth.

Where to get the Magnify Materia

You'll find the Magnify Materia in Chapter 9, as you make your way through the Collapsed Expressway of the Sector 6 Slums with Aerith on your way to Wall Market.

Following your first encounter battle with Beck, Butch, and Burke in the second section of the Expressway, keep heading forward and duck under some rubble.

You'll come to a ladder, so climb up it and deal with the Bandits and Sweeper Prototype. You'll then come to a Console, and the third Robot Arm puzzle.

Move the container and place it on the yellow rectangle on the top right of the screen. Have Aerith climb atop the Robot Arm, move her across, and drop her off to collect the Magnify Materia.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Tips for use

  • Magnify can be paired with any Magic (green) Materia in the game to apply the area of effect. However, the spell's effect will be reduced. Levelling up the Materia reduces this penalty from a 65% reduction to a 25% reduction in spellpower.
  • Press L1 to switch between the single-target and magnified versions of a spell. Single-target spells won't receive a penalty to spellpower, even when paired with Magnify. This is naturally useful when you want to focus a spell on an enemy.
  • Characters do not receive the spellcast at the same time, like in the original. Instead, they come one after another. Because of this, make sure when healing to first target the ally who needs it most.
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Roddy 2 years ago

If you missed it you can get it in ch13 on your way to sect 7 in the underground.

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