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Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Corneo Colosseum Guide

It's time to take on the Corneo Colosseum Battle Challenges, part of an underground fight club in Wall Market. Here's all you need to know about this Battle Square-like arena in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Corneo Colosseum Guide

Fans of the original Final Fantasy VII will remember fondly the Gold Saucer's Battle Square. Now Square Enix have implemented something similar in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

The Corneo Colosseum has your team pit itself against waves of enemies. Completing these challenges will help you unlock Level 2 Limit Breaks for Cloud, Aerith, Barret and Tifa, as well as awarding other prizes.

Against Wild Animals

  • Recommended Materia: Ice is the best, but you can use direct impact spell such as fire or lightning.
  • Reward: Legacy lvl2

Round 1: you don't need us here

Round 2: Eliminate the Blugu first, he should pass away quickly. Gorger are also very easy to beat.

Round 3: Two Guard Dog of the same type as the ones you've met along the way.

Round 4: Come on we can start spending MPs. Stick to the "extra" version of ice Materia, so your cast time isn't too long and aim for the Grashtrike first. Keep the two mobs as far apart as possible and generate TBA in a hurry if you're not comfortable to hit them.

Round 5: You need to beat a Lesser Drake here. With Barret and Aerith, it's no problem to touch it in the air, but with Tifa and Cloud and their rougher aerial combos you'll have a hard time.

However, this is the last fight, so don't hold back and stuff the aerials until he goes down to the ground, weakened and therefore immobilized: the perfect opportunity to make him bite the ice.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Two-Person Team vs. Slum Outlaws

  • Recommended Materia: Fire for humans
  • Reward: Clarity Pendant

We are not going to give you the details of the rounds because they are so easy. There is just the Huntsman who can afraid you. But use the extra-fire and it's done.

For the last round, it's a mix of all the guys you know: start with the Huntsman and a fire spell, then target it with rapid chaining to also touch the bandits by his side. This should cause enough clutter to finish them off one by one without too many problems.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Shinra Thugs

  • Recommended Materia: Fire for humans, lightning for machines associated with area of effect to reach an entire group at once.
  • Rewards: Weapon Manuscripts for each character

Round 1: First target the Sentry Gun Prototype in the background with a lightning spell, tap it a few times to generate ATB then base on it and launch fast chaining so that it finishes one or two Grenadier.

Round 2: Two Flametrooper with little HP, it should be fine, it's a very simple pack to beat.

Round 3: Focus first on the Shock Trooper to generate ATB. Once it's defeated, launch lightning with your area of effect on one of the Sentry Ray.

Round 4: The same fight, but in reverse. Break the Slug-Ray by hand to generate ATB bars then fire on the Riot Trooper.

Round 5: Don't worry about the Sweeper and go tease the missile launcher in the back, again to scratch the blue gauge. When you have had enough, cast your most powerful lightning spell, which, combined with area of effect, should weaken the two mobs. Finish the Sentry Launcher then focus on the Sweeper.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Trio vs. Shinra Warriors

  • Recommended Materia: Ice on at least two characters or with area of effect for parasites, fire for humans, lightning for machines and turrets.
  • Reward: Tarot Cards

Round 1: Take Barret, then use the Elite Security Officer to generate ATB until it dies, then use the gauges to cast a spell on the Ghost: the goal is to kill him before a barrier arises. Finally take Cloud in Punisher mode then stand guard to manage the Elite Shock Trooper. If he is resisting,take Tifa who must have had time to generate almost a segment.

Round 2: Generate ATB on Cripshay with your character who has the fire Materia, to quickly damage the air combat. Once it's down, launch fast chain, this should finish the two mobs at his side.

Round 3: Take the two bottom Elite Grenadiers for fast ATB then cast your best fire spell on the Sahagin. when it's weakened, fall on it with Tifa and chain it until stagger. For the rest, you know what to do.

Round 4: This time these are the two turrets which will be your sources of ATB, generate enough resource to explode the cancésarino with ice, then keep it with fire.

Round 5: Ah, here we talk! The ice material associated with area of effect is for this combat. The objective will be to take care of the queen first so direct mega-ice on it then in the melee assault to generate ATB, enough for the rest of the fight and therefore by swapping of character as soon as you feel you have enough bar for the rest of the confrontation.

We chain, always more ice for the two poisons, very heavy as an enemy, since they can put you to sleep, poison you, etc. Useless to do in detail, it is the last round of the cut, give all that you have!

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Two-Person Team vs. Team Payback

  • Our team: Cloud and Barret
  • Recommended Materia: Wind for flying enemies, lightning for machines, ice for amphibians, lvl3 weather and finally Healing with area of effect. You will be fighting against quite a few variants of Chapter 3 and Chapter 8.
  • Reward: Moogle’s Amulet

Round 1: Against the Hedgehog Pie, it's ice! Generate ATB on the little one and splash it all with your strongest ice spells. The king will obviously do a lot of resistance, but you should get by without any problem.

Round 2: The return of the Wrath Hound. Go into Punisher Mode with guard raised to counter it and pass it in a fragile state: He's weak against ice so take advantage of it.

Round 3: Focus on the Doomrat at first, this will allow the ATB to be built, it will quickly be destabilized by the swords in Cloud Punisher mode. Then beat the Chromogger, who will absolutely not appreciate the lightning spell. This is how you are going to do maximum damage to it but also how you will stagger it once it's weakened. Beat it on its left flank to generate ATB faster. The raw sword's infinite end will help you cause it significant damage.

Round 4: The Bomb first, wait until it spits fire and it changes color to give it a quick technique that should destabilize it. Take your time and keep it in focus until it passes away, then launch stop on the Cerulean Drake so that it cannot run away when you launch ice.

Round 5: A little more harder with this Jury-Rigged Cutter, which involves generating at least 2 ATB segments before going on the attack. Stop there direct and launch mega-wind. Once quiet with the adulterated chainsaw, we are on the classic pattern of fights against this kind of mob: lightning at the bottom, as soon as you can and without stopping.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake
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