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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 8 Walkthrough: Reno Boss Guide

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Walkthrough: Chapter by Chapter
Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 8 Walkthrough: Reno Boss Guide

You'll encounter the first member of the sinister Turks while in the ruined Church in Sector 5. Reno comes for Aerith, and it's up to Cloud as her new bodyguard to protect her. He can be a tough fight, but our walkthrough has you covered with strengths, weaknesses and tactics.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 8 Walkthrough: Reno Boss Guide

Right after you are done with the Air Buster, a new boss awaits you in Final Fantasy VII Remake. This time, the group is reduced since there is only Cloud, while Aerith acts as the cheerleader in the background. Fortunately, if you do it right, you should get through it quickly, even if it can be a little annoying.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Planning & Materia

  • Remember to reassign the best Materia and the best equipment on Cloud, since Barret and Tifa will not be back yet. You should link the elemental Materia with your best element Materia, for example Fire, Ice or Wind in order to improve your damage in future battles. This boss has no specific weakness, which is rare.
  • A Healing Materia will also greatly simplify your life.
Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Reno abilities

  • Beatdown: Reno attacks quickly and goes behind your back while inflicting damage. You can dodge it, but it's better to ward off the attack.
  • Rushdown: A more formidable variant of the Dew. He will chain several such attacks. Better to block.
  • Bright Spark: A melee hit with the baton that will make you fall. Reno is painful in melee, so it's better to play defensively.
  • Counterattack: Once again, everything encourages you to play defensively on Réno, if you attack blindly, you will have a very bad time.
  • EM Flail : Summons a series of drones that will transform into really painful flying electric balls. You should kill them first, with the punisher or triple strike attack mode.
  • EM Shot: The sparks will be linked by electric rays, which will make the area very dangerous and hazardous to move. Once again, it's best to kill them before you get there.
  • EM Charge: Electric projectiles will be sent by Réno, you must try to dodge them with rolls, or block them.
  • Shock Swipe: Reno will prepare a large electric ball and launch it, you must either dodge it, which is not easy, or try to place an obstacle between him and you, as one of the pillars of the church.
Final Fantasy 7 Remake


  • Reno will automatically dodge your attacks or counter-attack. So don't get tired. Watch its animations and set off with R1 as soon as it prepares to rush you. This will make him flinch, which will give you an opportunity to safely attack him. The maneuver must be repeated until the end of the fight.
  • Once Reno's life is low enough, he will summon his sparks. Ignore it and focus on destroying the sparks. Zone attacks or multiple attacks are perfect for this. Your priority will be to kill all the sparks he will summon later, then block his attacks when you have the opportunity.
  • As mentioned above, do not neglect the pillars of the church when you need to breathe or protect yourself from ranged attacks.
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