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The Shop in Pokémon GO

The Shop in Pokémon GO

The Pokémon GO Shop offers a lot of useful items to help you on your adventure. Find out what can be purchased and get details on the application's business model in our dedicated guide.

The Shop in Pokémon GO

Let's not forget — Pokémon GO is a free-to-play application. The Shop allows you to spend real money on buy in-game currency, in packs ranging from 100 to 14,500 PokéCoins.

These coins can be spent on items, which then facilitate the capture and storage of Pokémon. It is also possible to win coins directly in the game, in particular at Gyms — that means you never need to spend a single cent!


US Dollar


British Pound

Japanese Yen

100 PokéCoins





550 PokéCoins





1,200 PokéCoins





2,500 PokéCoins





5,200 PokéCoins





14,500 PokéCoins





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20 Poké Balls

100 PokéCoins

100 Poké Balls

460 PokéCoins

200 Poké Balls

800 PokéCoins


80 PokéCoins

8 Incense

500 PokéCoins

25 Incense

1,250 PokéCoins

Lucky Egg

80 PokéCoins

8 Lucky Eggs

500 PokéCoins

25 Lucky Eggs

1,250 PokéCoins

10 Max Potions

200 PokéCoins

10 Max Potions

180 PokéCoins

Lure Module

100 PokéCoins

8 Lure Modules

680 PokéCoins

Glacial Lure Module

200 PokéCoins

Mossy Lure Module

200 PokéCoins

Magnetic Lure Module

200 PokéCoins


150 PokéCoins

Super Incubator

200 PokéCoins

Bag Upgrade

(increases Item capacity by 50)

200 PokéCoins

Pokémon Storage Upgrade

(increases Pokémon capacity by 50)

200 PokéCoins

Premium Raid Pass

100 PokéCoins

Team Medallion

1,000 PokéCoins

Another new feature is that it is now possible to buy new clothes with your PokéCoins! Here are just some of the items on offer:



Felt Fedora (M/F)

180 PokéCoins

Felt Fedora (M/F)

180 PokéCoins

Newsy Cap (M/F)

100 PokéCoins

Top Hat (M/F)

800 PokéCoins

Bonnet (F)

350 PokéCoins

Mystery Mask (M/F)

400 PokéCoins

Future Specs (M/F)

160 PokéCoins

Focus Frames (M/F)

(black, white, red, blue, pink)

50 PokéCoins

Team Tee (M/F)

(Valor, Instinct, Mystic)

500 PokéCoins

Diagonal Tee (M/F)

(dark red, purple or beige)

100 PokéCoins

Pikachu T-Shirt or Pullover (M/F)

(yellow, blue, gray)

220 PokéCoins

Charizard Tank Top or Pullover (M/F)

(white, gray, orange)

220 PokéCoins

Trainer Vest (F)

(white, blue, yellow, black)

100 PokéCoins

Tank Top (F)

(red, blue)

100 PokéCoins

Active Sweatpants (M)

(magenta, gray, white, yellow, black)

80 PokéCoins

Skinny Jeans (M)

(black, peach, pale-blue)

200 PokéCoins

Leggings (F)

(pink, blue, gray, black, orange)

80 PokéCoins

Jeans (F)

200 PokéCoins

Shorts (F)

(black, gray, pink, white)

200 PokéCoins

The Thirty (M/F)

(unlocked at Level 30)

220 PokéCoins

Belt (F)

(yellow, blue, gray, black)

100 PokéCoins

Backpack (F)

350 PokéCoins

Business Blazer (M)

500 PokéCoins

Sports Hoodie (M)

(yellow, red, grey, white)

500 PokéCoins

Streak Hoodie (M)

(red, blue, grey, yellow, black)

200 PokéCoins

Skirt (F)

200 PokéCoins

Ruffled Skirt (F)

(blue, red, black)

80 PokéCoins

Written by Holomovement. Translated from the French by Millenium.

Millenium Rédaction

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