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Pokémon Unite: All Held Items and Battle Items

Pokémon Unite: All Held Items and Battle Items

There are several items you can use in Pokémon Unite to help turn the tide of battle. Here's a list of all the Held Items and Battle Items you can use.

Pokémon Unite: All Held Items and Battle Items

As with in the main series, items can be used in Pokémon Unite to gain an advantage in battle. 

There are two kinds of item in Unite: Held Items and Battle Items. Here we explain the difference, and list all available items. 

Here is the full list of items, as of December 17, 2021.


Held Items

Given to Pokémon directly, Held Items usually increase a Pokémon's stats or grant small buffs.

Depending on your Trainer Level, your Pokémon can hold up to three items at once. The second is unlocked at Trainer Level 7, with the third at Trainer Level 10.

You can buy new Held Items from the store, costing either 1000 Aeos Coins or 625 Aeos Tickets each.

Held Items can be upgraded to a maximum of Level 30, using the Item Enhancer bought in the Shop.

Aeos Cookie

Level 1: HP +8

Level 30: HP +240

When the Pokémon scores a goal, its max HP increases by 100/150/200 for the rest of the match (max 6 stacks).

Assault Vest

Level 1: HP +18 / Sp. Def +0

Level 30: HP +270 / Sp. Def +42

Gain a shield against Sp. Attack damage while out of combat for 9%/12%/15% max HP. (7s after leaving combat)

Attack Weight

Level 1: Attack +0.6

Level 30: Attack +18

When you score a goal, your Attack is raised by 6/9/12 for the rest of the match. (This bonus caps at 6 stacks)

Buddy Barrier

Level 1: HP +20

Level 30: HP +600

Grant a shield to you and a nearby ally Pokémon with the lowest HP for 20%/30%/40% max HP when using your Unite Move. (5s duration - 30s cooldown)

Choice Specs

Level 1: Sp. Attack +10

Level 30: Sp. Attack +39

When dealing damage with a move, deal (40/50/60 + 30%/35%/40% Sp. Attack) as additional damage. This additional damage only applies to 1 target (8s cooldown).

Energy Amplifier

Level 1: Energy Accumulation +0.4% / Cooldown Reduction +0.0%

Level 30: Energy Accumulation +6% / Cooldown Reduction +4.5%

After using your Unite move, deal increased damage by 7%/14%/21% for a short time. (4s duration - 14s cooldown)

Exp. Share

Level 1: HP +16 / Speed +0

Level 30: HP +240 / Speed +150

Increases the Pokémon's Passive Exp. Point gain by 2/3/4 per second while it has the fewest Exp. Points on its team. In addition, when a nearby teammate defeats a wild Pokémon that teammate gains slightly more Exp. Points.

Float Stone

Level 1: Attack +1.6 / Speed +0

Level 30: Attack +24 / 
Speed +120

Increases movement speed while out of combat by 10%/15%/20%. (7s after leaving combat)

Focus Band

Level 1: Defense +2 / Sp. Defense +0

Level 30: Defense +30 / Sp. Defense +30

While below 25% HP, recover HP each second for 3s by 8%/11%/14% of your missing HP. (100/90/80s cooldown)


Level 1: HP +16 / HP Recovery +0

Level 30: HP +240 / HP Recovery +9

Recovers health over time while out of combat by 1%/1.5%/2% HP/s. (7s after leaving combat)

Muscle Band

Level 1: Attack +1 / Attack Speed +0%

Level 30: Attack +15 / Attack Speed +7.5%

Deal additional damage with basic attacks by 1%/2%/3% of the targets remaining HP.

Razor Claw

Level 1: Attack +1 / Critical-Hit Rate +0.6%

Level 30: Attack +15 / Critical-Hit Rate +2.1%

After the Pokémon uses a move, it’s next basic attack deals (10/15/20 + 40%/45%/50% Attack) additional damage. While this item is held by a melee Pokémon, this basic attack also slows enemies for 2 seconds (2s cooldown).

Rocky Helmet

Level 1: HP +18 / Defense +0.0

Level 30: HP +240 / Defense +42

After absorbing enough damage, deal percent damage based on your max HP (3%/4%/5%) to nearby opponents. (2s cooldown - 10% HP damage trigger in a single attack)

Scope Lens

Level 1: Critical-Hit Rate +0.4% / Critical-Hit Damage +0.0%

Level 30: Critical Hit Rate +6% / Critical-Hit Damage +12%

Deals additional damage equal to 45%/60%/75% of the Pokémon's Attack stat when dealing a critical hit with a basic attack. (1s cooldown)

Score Shield

Level 1: HP +15

Level 30: HP +240

Shields you while you attempt to score a goal. Shield value is equal to 5%/7.5%/10% max HP. Scoring cannot be interrupted while the shield remains active. (6s cooldown)

Shell Bell

Level 1: Sp. Attack +1.6 / Cooldown Reduction +0.0%

Level 30: Sp. Attack +24.0 / Cooldown Reduction +4.5%

Recover (45/60/75 + 35%/40%/45% Sp. Attack) HP when successfully landing a move. (10s Cooldown)

Sp. Attack Specs

Level 1: Sp. Attack +0.8

Level 30: Sp. Attack +24.0

When you score a goal, your Sp. Attack is raised by 8/12/16 for the rest of the match. (This bonus caps at 6 stacks)

Weakness Policy

Level 1: HP +70 / Attack +0

Level 30: HP +210 / Attack +15

Upon taking damage, apply a 2/2.5/3% Attack buff for up to 4s. Stacks up to 4 times and the duration can be refreshed before it expires.

Wise Glasses

Level 1: Sp. Attack +10

Level 30: Sp. Attack +39

Further increase Sp. Attack by 3%/5%/7%.

Battle Items

Trainers can support their Pokémon during combat using Battle Items.

You can only choose one Battle Item to use in a match, so think carefully about which would benefit your team best.

Eject Button

Cooldown: 55 seconds

Unlock: Trainer Level 11

Quickly moves your Pokémon in the designated direction.

Fluffy Tail

Cooldown: 25 seconds

Unlock: Trainer Level 10

Apply a debuff to a wild Pokemon for 3 seconds. The debuff disables the affected Pokemon’s attacks and triggers an additional hit when the user deals direct damage to the target. The additional hit deals 100% Atk + 60% SpA + 10*(Level-1) + 100 and has a 0.5 second cooldown.

Full Heal

Cooldown: 40 seconds

Unlock: Trainer Level 14

Removes all hindrances affecting your Pokémon and makes it immune to hindrances for a short time.


Cooldown: 120 seconds

Unlock: Trainer Level 17

Doubles goal-scoring speed for ten seconds.


Cooldown: 30 seconds

Unlock: Trainer Level 3

Restores some of your HP. (20% max HP + 160)

Slow Smoke

Cooldown: 40 seconds

Unlock: Trainer Level 13

Creates a cloud of smoke that greatly decreases the movement speed of opposing Pokémon for 1 second.

X Attack

Cooldown: 40 seconds

Unlock: Trainer Level 7

Raises your Pokémon's Attack and Sp. Atk by 20% for 7 seconds.

X Speed

Cooldown: 40 seconds

Unlock: Trainer Level 8

Raises your Pokémon's Speed by 30% for 6 seconds.

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