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Pokémon Unite: Zeraora Build Guide

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Pokémon Unite: Zeraora Build Guide

Here is our complete guide to Zeraora, a melee Speedster in Pokémon Unite. From best items to the right move choices, our build guide should help you dominate on the field of battle.

Pokémon Unite: Zeraora Build Guide

Free to all players who log in to Pokémon Unite before August 31, 2021, Zeraora is a powerful melee Speedster.

Our guide helps you understand Zeraora's moveset and choose the best abilities as you level up, as well as suggest the best Held Items and Battle Items to equip.

Zeraora: Item Choices

These are the items we recommend equipping on Alolan Ninetales before you head into battle.

Be mindful that you can equip up to three Held Items and one Battle Item. All stats are based on items being Level 1, without having been upgraded.

Held Items

Float Stone

Attack +1.6
Movement Speed 0

Increases movement speed by 10% when the Pokémon is not in combat.

Wise Glasses

Sp. Atk +10

Increases Sp. Atk by 3%.

Sp. Atk Specs

Sp. Atk +0.8

When the Pokémon scores a goal, its Sp. Atk increases by 8.

Battle Item

Eject Button

Cooldown: 55 seconds

Quickly moves your Pokémon in the designated direction.

X Attack

Cooldown: 40 seconds

Raises your Pokémon's Attack and Sp. Atk for a short timeIncreases ATK and Special ATK for a short time.

The idea behind this build is simple - farm up, increase that Sp. Atk, then dive in for maximum damage. Both Wise Glasses and Sp. Atk Specs are great for burst-type Pokémon, while Float Stone is a given for any Speedster.

If you're having trouble gap closing or escaping, then Eject Button will help. If not, go with X Attack for the increased burst damage.

Zeraora Gameplay

Zeraora: Starting Attack


Cooldown: 8.5 seconds

Has the user pounce at an opposing Pokémon and attack with sharp claws. This move's final attack throws opposing Pokémon.

Slash is the better option to start with, as you'll be spending the early part of the game farming up the Wild Pokémon and levelling up to better abilities.

Zeraora: Best Moves

Burst, burst, and more burst. Zeraora is all about wandering the central area, farming up Wild Pokémon, then heading to lanes to dive on enemy players and bursting them down.

Spark can be used three times, bouncing around grouped enemies, and can even be used to escape - just be mindful that it'll automatically target Wild Pokémon if you're near enough.

While Wild Charge is useful, Discharge is by far the better option thanks to its superb AoE damage.

Ultimately your tactic will be to dive in with Spark, burst down with Discharge, then follow up with the Unite move Plasma Gale to wipe out the enemy team.


Cooldown: 10 seconds

Has the user leap at an opposing Pokémon while electrically charged, dealing damage to them. If the user uses its basic attack before reaching its target Pokémon, the user will instead leap at the closest opposing Pokémon, dealing damage to it. This move can be used three times before it goes on cooldown.

Upgrade at Level 12: Also restores the user's HP if the user performs a basic attack before reaching its target Pokémon.


Cooldown: 8.5 seconds

Releases an electric discharge, dealing damage to nearby opposing Pokémon and granting the user a shield when it hits. If this move hits opposing Pokémon that are paralyzed, it pulls them in towards the user once the move ends, dealing damage to them once again and leaving them unable to act.

Upgrade at Level 14: Also decreases the movement speed of opposing Pokémon for a short time when this move hits.

Zeraora: Passive Ability

Volt Absorb

The Pokémon gains an electric charge whenever it receives damage, converting a portion of that damage into an additional attack.

Zeraora: Overall Rating


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