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GTA 3: List of weapons and how to get them

GTA 3: List of weapons and how to get them

A vast arsenal awaits you in GTA 3, and having access to it all will help you wreak havoc, have fun, and complete missions more easily. Here is the full list of weapons, where to find them in Liberty City, and how to use them.

There are less weapons available in GTA 3 compared to its younger siblings Vice City and San Andreas, but enough of an arsenal to set Liberty City alight.

This guide shows you where all the weapons are located in town, but be mindful that there are other ways to collect them.

First of all, for every 10 Hidden Packages you will get one of the weapons with unlimited ammo added to your stash.

You can also count on Ammu-nation and smugglers throughout your adventure to keep you armed.

Pistol & Molotov Cocktail

Contrary to what one might have thought, these two weapons are not available in that many areas of Liberty City.

That said, you can pick up the pistol very quickly by collecting 10 Hidden Packages of the 100 available across the three islands.



This small machine gun is perfect at close range to take down your enemies easily. Much faster to use than the shotgun, it does however deal much less damage.



Perfect for taking out single targets at close range, GTA 3's shotgun has an abominably slow rate of fire.

To clean out areas that are a little more confined, this is probably the best weapon, but be careful -- you'll be extremely vulnerable between shells fired.


Sniper Rifle

The most powerful gun in the game, and capable of one-shotting pretty much anything.

It's only available in a few places around the map, which is understandable given the damage it can do.



The first assault rifle you'll come across in the game, and likely the weapon that will. accompany you most on your adventure.

It's found everywhere on the map, and is relatively cheap in stores.



The game's other assault rifle, the M-16 is slightly better than the AK-47. However, it's also much more rare, and much more expensive. 

As far as we're concerned it's the best weapon in the game, suitable for all situations and powerful enough to destroy hordes of thugs with just a few clips. As such, it's worth the effort getting hold of.


Rocket Launcher

A tool of mass destruction that you'll only be able to find in one location on the Liberty City map. 

It's ideal for when you're at Wanted Level 3 or above, for taking down those annoying choppers. 



Another particularly rare and destructive tool. Be careful with its reach though -- if you start causing too much mayhem, you may not be particularly safe with it in your hands.

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