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GTA San Andreas: Where to get secret vehicles like the Rhino, Hydra, & Hunter

GTA San Andreas: Where to get secret vehicles like the Rhino, Hydra, & Hunter

From attack helicopters to tanks, planes and jetpacks to monster trucks, there are plenty of special vehicles you can obtain without using cheats in GTA: San Andreas. Here's where to find them.

While using cheat codes to get special vehicles in GTA: San Andreas sounds appealing, it's the cheap way out. All these following automobiles are available through normal gameplay, and this guide shows you how to acquire them.

NOTE: All images are from the original titles. Their updated appearances are as-yet unknown.

Vehicles included in this guide:

  • The Rhino tank
  • The Jetpack
  • The Hydra fighter jet
  • The Hunter gunship
  • Several other rare vehicles
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The Rhino

There are several ways to get the Rhino tank in San Andreas.

The first is to simply enter the Area 69 military base after completing the Black Project mission. You'll find two you can take -- but be mindful that breaking in will give you an instant five-star wanted level.

You can also find one under the overpass at the end of Grove Street after completing the game 100%.

The most difficult method is to earn a six-star wanted level and have the military come after you. To get the driver out of the tank, simply walk up to it on foot. You'll need to waste the soldier or get away quick enough so he doesn't climb back onto the tank and waste you first.

GTA: San Andreas

The Jetpack

You'll find one at Verdant Meadows Airfield once you've completed the Green Goo mission, near the control tower.

The Hydra

There are several locations for the Hydra, some easier than others.

The first can be obtained after completing Vertical Bird, at the Easter Basin Naval Station aircraft carrier. Entering the base will give you an instant five-star wanted level, and you'll be chased by other Hydras.

Also after Vertical Bird, you'll find one in the furthest hanger from the control Tower at Verdant Meadows.

There are two found at Area 69, also after Vertical Bird. Destroy the missing launchers first though, or you'll be shot down instantly.

One will spawn on the roof of Sweet's House in Ganton after completing the game 100%.

GTA: San Andreas

The Hunter

Again, there are several methods to obtaining the Hunter in San Andreas.

The first requires you to have earned all Gold Medals at the Pilot School. It will then spawn on a helipad inside Easter Basin Naval Station. Be mindful you'll instantly be chased by Hydras when stealing it.

Also after completing Pilot School, another will spawn at Verdant Meadows. You'll have to approach the base from the west -- approaching from the east will spawn the Leviathan.

You can steal the one you're given in the Heli Hell mission, by taking it to the Verdant Meadows hanger instead of completing the mission.

On console versions, it would rarely spawn with the Skimmer at the San Fierro PD impound lot.

GTA: San Andreas

Other Rare Vehicles

The following vehicles are a little less exotic, but are sometimes much easier to obtain.

BF Injection: A special version of the vehicle with unique coloring can be obtained during the Cut Throat Business mission, only by killing Madd Dogg.

Super GT: You can get this to spawn in the parking lot outside the Driving School in Doherty, San Fierro, after obtaining all bronze medals.

Hotknife: As the Super GT, but for obtaining all gold medals. It comes with the custom license plate GOLD.

Freeway: You'll get this for earning all bronze medals at the Bike School in Blackfield, Las Venturas.

FCR-900: As the Freeway, but for obtaining all silver medals.

NRG 500: As the Freeway, but for obtaining all gold medals.

Rustler: Begins to spawn at Easter Bay Airport and Verdant Meadows after completing the Learning to Fly mission.

Stuntplane: Spawns at Verdant Meadows after obtaining at least silver medals in all Pilot School tests.

Hotring Racer: Spawns outside Los Santos Forum after compleing the 8-Track mission.

Monster Truck: Either found in the trailer park near Flint Intersection, or purchased for $32,000 after completing Exports and Imports' first five deliveries. Alternatively, just keep the one you use for the Monster mission.

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