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10 Tips For Getting Started in Halo Infinite

10 Tips For Getting Started in Halo Infinite

Master Chief is back in Halo Infinite, a title that has plenty to offer players. We've put together a beginner's guide to help you get started.

Welcome to Zeta Halo!

Populated by Covenants, bullies and Forerunners, the new Halo that our Spartan will have to grapple with is a huge sandbox.

While the Halo Infinite campaign is not as epic as we would have hoped, it remains a fantastic experience thanks to the flawless gameplay given to us by 343 Industries.

That Halo Feeling...

If this is your first time playing a Halo title, it may feel strange, especially if you're used to playing on PC.

At first glance, the game and its 'lunar' physics may seem a bit slow, but this lack of speed is counterbalanced by an impeccable readability of the action. This will allow you to anticipate your next actions very comfortably, and is a style of its own.

Halo clearly isn't made for all types of FPS players, but it's a title that provides incomparable playing joy once you've adapted to it. 

Halo Infinite

The Magic of the Grappleshot

A new feature in this instalment, the Grappleshot is an upgrade that will serve you most throughout your adventure.

To cross the mountain paths of Zeta Halo more quickly, to find quiet spots for sniping, or to nab various items, it's definitely a key mechanic in Infinite. 

Our advice is to practice often so that you master it quickly. Try to get used to the length of the line, on different surfaces, while keeping an eye on the tool's recharge time.

The latter will save your day on many occasions, so the sooner you do master it, the better off you will be.

Halo Infinite

Button/Key Combinations to Remember

Once all four armor upgrades have been unlocked, they can be tricky to juggle effectively. We recommend that you learn the two-button combinations on the multi-directional menu, so you eventually don't need to think about it - becoming muscle memory.

The same applies to the different types of grenades -- especially the M9 Grenade, which is very useful for immobilizing enemy vehicles and paralyzing large groups.

Halo Infinite

Fast Travel

By using your Grappleshot decisively, an enhanced slide means you can cover great distances very quickly.

Aim for the ground around 20 meters in front of you, then trigger a slide when the hook lands. This should significantly increase the speed and distance covered in the slide.

You can even jump after the slide, for a little extra distance. This tip will certainly come in handy when facing some of the fastest bosses in the campaign.

Halo Infinite

A Smooth Plan

When you have a camp in your sights that needs clearing, don't hesitate to use the high ground to scope out the situation.

Identify barrels that can be exploded, enemies with weapons that would be useful to you, and perhaps think about sniping some of the most dangerous units.

Halo gameplay rewards the most effective actions, and your ability to improvise in delicate situations.

It often pays to plan, rather to rush in blind. .

Halo Infinite


Halo Infinite's campaign consists of a modestly sized semi-open world, with your next main objective marked on the map.

Along the way, you are free to complete any secondary tasks and objectives. It's all marked for you, and it will take you around 15-20 hours to see most of what the countryside has to offer.

All important items are provided through the story, and the main driver of exploration in your first playthrough will be finding equipment chests to improve the Master Chief's suit.

It's a classic form of content, with the merit of not being too excessive.

Halo Infinite

Outposts and Valor Points

Outposts and upgrading them is at the heart of Halo Infinite's progression. Master Chief will be command any blaster or vehicle at these stations, provided they have been unlocked.

New items will appear as you earn Valor Points through completing secondary objectives. Initially you'll only have access to the quad and basic weapons, but if you decide to clear the map you'll gain access to the Hornet, the UNSC's flying vehicle, as well as more powerful weapons.

Halo Infinite

Additional Activities

The number of different Forward Operating Bases available on the Zeta Halo map is quite small.

To advance stocks of equipment you can get on these bases, you'll need to assassinate High Value Targets, destroy the Propaganda Towers and dismantle the Strongholds.

These often contain crates that will give you upgrade points.

In the background you'll find equipment lockers for new skins, as well as audio logs and collectible Skulls.

Halo Infinite

Multiplayer Collectibles

All Armor Lockers in the Forge contain cosmetics that can also be used in multiplayer modes. Considering the state of progress in multiplayer at the moment, you won't turn your nose up at them so easily. 

To reveal their locations on the map, just free an outpost and then ping it on your map to create a beacon in John's visor.

Halo Infinite

Skulls, Zeta Halo's Best-Kept Secrets

For seasoned explorers, finding the 12 Skulls on Zeta Halo should offer countless hours of replayability -- they're hard to find and easily missed, meaning you'll have to replay the game if that happens. 

The only way to detect them in the environment is to trigger the radar -- Skulls make a very peculiar noise, and will be highlighted yellow when close by.

Halo Infinite
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