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Pokémon Unite: Tsareena Build Guide

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Pokémon Unite: Tsareena Build Guide

Here is our complete guide to Tsareena, a ranged All-Rounder in Pokémon Unite. From the best items to the right move choices, our build guide should help you dominate on the field of battle.

Pokémon Unite: Tsareena Build Guide

Tsareena is a siren-like melee All-Rounder in Pokémon Unite, available from the store for 10,000 Aeos Coins or 575 Aeos Gems.

Our guide helps you understand Tsareena's moveset and choose the best abilities as you level up, as well as suggest the best Held Items and Battle Items to equip.

You'll start the battle as Bounsweet, evolving into Steenee at Level 4 and Tsareena at Level 6.

Tsareena: Item Choice

These are the items we recommend equipping on Tsareena before you head into battle.

Be mindful that you can equip up to three Held Items and one Battle Item. All stats are based on items being Level 1, without having been upgraded.

Held Items

Muscle Band

Atk +1
Basic Atk Speed +0%

When basic attacks hit, the damage is increased by 1% of the opponent's opposing HP.

Focus Band

Def +2
Sp. Def 0

When the Pokémon drops to low HP, then each second for three seconds, it recovers 8% of the HP it had lost.

Scope Lens

Critical-Hit Rate +0.4 %
Critical-Hit Damage 0%

Increases the damage of basic attack critical hits. The higher the Pokémon's Attack, the more the damage increases.

Battle Item

X Attack

Cooldown: 40 seconds

Raises your Pokémon's Attack and Sp. Atk for a short timeIncreases ATK and Special ATK for a short time.

Tsareena is a ruthless melee assassin. Her role will be to burst down fragile prey as quickly as possible, and this build aims to maximise that one-shot potential.

Muscle Band is a must have for boosting your attack, and will even allow you to take out tanks. Scope Lens is perfect for enhancing your offensive capabilities with a touch of Crit. Finally, Focus Band will allow you to survive being focus after a successful assassination.

While the Eject Button remains a good choice, we'd opt for X Attack just for that extra burst potential. Tsareena already has great mobility tools at her disposal.

Tsareena: Starting Attack

Razor Leaf

Cooldown: 5 seconds

Pelts leaves in the designated direction, dealing damage to enemies hit. The critical-hit rate of this move is higher than that of basic attacks.

In addition to synergising perfectly with your crit-oriented build, Razor Leaf has a short cooldown and AoE potential for quickly farming neutral camps.

Tsareena: Best Moves

Tsareena deals damage and benefits from an attack speed buff after using Triple Axel, making it a great engage tool. If managed correctly, it will also restore HP.

Trop Kick, meanwhile, is a great gap-close for those ganks and assassinations, while debuffing enemies hit.

Triple Axel

Cooldown: 7 seconds

Tsareena spin-kicks 3 times in the designated direction, dealing damage to enemies. Basic attack speed is increased for a short time after this move ends by an amount based on the number of landed kicks.

Queenly Majesty Effect: Restores HP each time a kick hits.

Trop Kick

Cooldown: 10 seconds

Perform a flying kick in the designated direction, dealing damage to enemies hit and decrease their Attack for a short time. Enemies that make contact with the flying kick's wake receive damage and have their movement speed decreased for a short time.

Queenly Majesty Effect: Grants Tsareena a shield when this move is used.

Cinderace: Passive Ability

Queenly Majesty

When a hindrance is inflicted on Tsareena, decrease the duration of the effect. After using any combination of 3 boosted attacks or moves, apply the Queenly Majesty buff effect to Tsareena for 4s, enhancing Tsareena's moves. These enhanced moves are unaffected by cooldowns. Queenly Majesty cannot be applied to Bounsweet or Steenee.

Cinderace: Overall Rating

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