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Pokémon Unite: Decidueye Build Guide

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Pokémon Unite: Decidueye Build Guide

Here is our complete guide to Decidueye, a ranged Attacker in Pokémon Unite. From best items to the right move choices, our build guide should help you dominate on the field of battle.

Pokémon Unite: Decidueye Build Guide

A great fighter who can damage from a distance, Decidueye is now available in Pokémon Unite for 10,000 Aeos Coins or 575 Aeos Gems.

Our guide helps you understand Decidueye's moveset and choose the best abilities as you level up, as well as suggest the best Held Items and Battle Items to equip.

You'll start the battle as Rowlet, evolving into Dartrix at Level 5 and Decidueye at Level 7.

Decidueye: Item Choices

These are the items we recommend equipping on Decidueye before you head into battle.

Be mindful that you can equip up to three Held Items and one Battle Item. All stats are based on items being Level 1, without having been upgraded.

Held Items

Muscle Band

Attack +1
Attack Speed +0.0%

Deal additional damage with basic attacks by 1%/2%/3% of the targets remaining HP.

Razor Claw

Attack +1
Critical-Hit Rate +0.6%

After using an ability, the next basic attack of the pokemon holding that item deals bonus damage once. The higher the Pokémon's attack, the greater the amount of additional damage.

Buddy Barrier

HP +20

Grant a shield to you and a nearby ally Pokémon with the lowest HP for 20%/30%/40% max HP when using your Unite Move. (5s duration - 30s cooldown)

Battle Item

Eject Button

Cooldown: 55 seconds

Quickly moves your Pokémon in the designated direction.

Decidueye is arguably the closest Pokémon to an ADC, a class of ranged fighters in more mainstream MOBA titles. Your objective will be to do as much damage as possible to enemy Pokémon while remaining out of the range of tanks and assassins.

As such, you want to focus on items that maximise your Attack. Muscle Band is perfect because it gives you constant DPS as well as an increase in your attack speed, while Razor Claw synergizes well with your offensive stats, adding critical chance.

Finally, the Buddy Barrier is a popular choice, even among attacking Pokémon. Given you'll find yourself attached to a Supporter or Defender, it becomes highly effective.

As a squishy Pokémon, take the Eject Button to get out of those delicate situations in a jiffy.

Decidueye: Starting Attack


Cooldown: 8 seconds

Deals damage to enemies and decreases their movement speed by 80% for a short time.

During the first few skirmishes, the on-hit slow of Astonish is going to prove absolutely crucial in avoiding being hit, while controlling the lane.

Decidueye: Best Moves

The idea with this build is that Decidueye becomes a monster on the battlefield, paired with the ridiculously strong passive.

Shadow Sneak roots enemies and debuffs them significantly so that they can't escape your wrath.Follow up with Razor Leaf, a powerful move that becomes AoE, while buffing Decidueye to shred enemies.

Razor Leaf

Cooldown: 10 seconds

Summons whirling razor leaves. While active, Decidueye's basic attack is replaced by a new basic attack that targets all enemies in range, as well as increasing Attack by 10% and basic attack speed.

Shadow Sneak

Cooldown: 12 seconds

Creates a shadow that takes hold of one enemy in the area of effect, dealing damage and decreasing their movement speed by 30%, decreasing their Defense by 60%, and increasing Decidueye’s movement speed by 70% for a short time.

Decidueye: Passive Ability

Long Reach

Deals 20% increased damage to distant enemies.

Decidueye: Overall Rating

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