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Pokémon Unite: Blissey Build Guide

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Pokémon Unite: Blissey Build Guide

Here is our complete guide to Blissey, a melee Supporter in Pokémon Unite. From best items to the right move choices, our build guide should help you dominate on the field of battle.

Pokémon Unite: Blissey Build Guide

Blissey is an angelic egg--like melee Supporter in Pokémon Unite, available from the store for 8,000 Aeos Coins or 460 Aeos Gems.

Our guide helps you understand Blissey's moveset and choose the best abilities as you level up, as well as suggest the best Held Items and Battle Items to equip.

You'll start the battle as Chansey, evolving into Blissey at Level 4.

Blissey: Item Choices

These are the items we recommend equipping on Blissey before you head into battle.

Be mindful that you can equip up to three Held Items and one Battle Item. All stats are based on items being Level 1, without having been upgraded.

Held Items

Buddy Barrier

HP +600

When the Pokémon uses its Unite Move, that Pokémon and the nearby ally Pokémon with the lowest HP are each granted a shield equal to 20% of their max HP.

Focus Band

Def +30
Sp. Def +30

When the Pokémon drops to low HP, then each second for three seconds, it recovers 8% of the HP it had lostWhen the Pokémon drops to low HP, then every second for three seconds it regains 2% of the HP it lost.

Wise Glasses

Sp. Atk +39

Increases Sp. Atk by 3.

Battle Item

Eject Button

Cooldown: 55 seconds

Quickly moves your Pokémon in the designated direction.

Blissey is a highly efficient healing support, who should be able to keep the accompanying attacker alive even in the most delicate situations.

As such, the Buddy Barrier is an essential item, perfect for synergizing with your favorite ally. The Focus Band is also very strong on Blissey, as melee Supporters benefit from being tanky at limited range.

Finally, Wise Glasses brings a bit of extra Sp.Atk, to increase the impact of your moves.

As with most Pokémon, the Eject Button is an essential disengage tool.

Blissey: Starting Attack


Cooldown: 6 seconds

Blissey pounds in a designated direction, damaging and slowing enemies hit.

At Level 1, you'll often want to favor the most offensive move, so you can pick up some neutral camps and challenge small objectives.

Blissey is no exception, and Pound brings those opportunities to early skirmishes.

Blissey: Best Moves

Soft Boiled

Cooldown: 12 seconds

Blissey throws an egg to an ally, healing Blissey and the designated ally. Holds 3 uses in reserve and cannot be used more than once every 2s.

Level 12: Holds 4 uses in reserve instead. Cooldown is reduced by 3s.

Helping Hand

Cooldown: 9 seconds

Blissey greatly improves movement speed and basic attack speed for self and allies by 35% for 3s. During this duration, all of Blissey's basic attacks are boosted. After this bonus expires, Blissey loses any boosted attack that was granted.

Level 10: Also increases basic attack damage for all those affected by 15%.

With this moveset, Blissey becomes a true Supporter. It allows Blissey to bring sustain to a lane, alongside an Attacker, thanks to the heals of Soft Boiled.

At Level 6, Helping Hand gives you a mass buff, perfect if paired with Attackers such as Cinderace or Greninja, and when Speedsters come to lane to gank.

This build is far more effective if you play close to your, but is pretty much useless if you're left on your own.

Blissey: Passive Ability

Natural Cure

Every 6 seconds Blissey will automatically cleanse themselves. Natural Cure will activate even if Blissey has no active debuffs.

Blissey: Overall Rating

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