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Gyms in Pokémon GO

Are you afraid to enter your first Gym? Worried you won't be able to win the fight? This guide contains all you need to know to take down your rivals, so that YOU are the one everyone will fear!

Gyms in Pokémon GO

No matter what your desires are, or what your progress in Pokemon GO is, you will have — once you reach Trainer Level 5 — to battle in Gyms to proudly display your team's colors.

Although the game has little to do with the core series, the Gym system does exist. These Gyms will be available in well-known locations. You can try to take a Gym if it is not the same color as your team's or if is not affiliated (it will be gray).

When you control a Gym, you will have to choose a Pokémon that will remain there to keep it under your colors.

A Pokémon can only be placed in a Gym if its health is full.
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Pokémon Motivation

The new Gym system, which replaced the old Prestige system, uses a meter to show that Pokémon's desire to defend that Gym. This is called Motivation.

It is shown as a heart above the Pokémon's head. This heart begins full, and decreases as its Motivation falls — meaning its CP also decreases (temporarily).

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Defending Gyms

In order to maintain control of the Gym for as long as possible, you can feed the Pokémon defending it Berries. This restores the Motivation of that Pokémon, meaning it can fight longer!

Feeding a Pokémon Berries nets you Stardust and XP - but note that you can only feed a Pokémon ten Berries before being subjected to a cooldown.

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Capturing Gyms

In order to take a Gym from a rival team, you need to beat the Pokémon defending it.

Note that when you defeat a Pokémon, its Motivation will not decrease fully - it can take several battles to reduce to zero.

Once a Pokémon loses all its Motivation, it faints, and returns to its owner. Doing this for all Pokémon on a Gym means that Team will lose control, and it will turn gray again. Simply add a Pokémon to it then to claim it for your Team.

Defeat the Pokémon to - Pokemon GO
Defeat the Pokémon to

Gym Awards

For each Gym you own, the number on the "Shield" at the top of your screen in the Shop section will be increased.

This shield indicates the number of Gyms YOU currently own.

You can earn up to 50 PokéCoins per day for leaving Pokémon to defend a Gym.

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Make sure to visit and defend as many Gyms as you can, as you will earn Gym Badges for doing so!

Trainers can unlock Basic, Bronze, Silver and Gold tiers for each Gym. Higher level badges earn you bonus items when spinning the Photo Disc.
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