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Pokemon 2020 World Championships: Place, Dates, and Details

Pokémon GO: Guides and Tips
Pokemon 2020 World Championships: Place, Dates, and Details

The Pokémon World Championships are coming to London. You can find here all informations with dates and venue.

Pokemon 2020 World Championships: Place, Dates, and Details

If you're a Pokémon fan, the Pokémon World Championships will surely speak to you. This year's event will take place in London from 14-16 August 2020. For those interested, here's the exact address where they'll be held.

ExCeL London

One Western Gateway.

  • Royal Victoria Dock*
  • London, England E16 1XL**

The official Pokémon website allows you to find a hotel to be at this event right now via this link. To participate and qualify, you'll need to earn championship points that can be earned in various events. If you'd like to find out what events are happening near you, this link might be useful. A lot of activities will also be available for the fans but for the moment, no information about these activities. For more information about the event, you'll need to check out the Play Pokémon website.

Make your choice and vote for February Community Day

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