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Pokemon GO: Ferroseed on March Research Breakthrough Rewards

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Pokemon GO: Ferroseed on March Research Breakthrough Rewards

Every month, a new Pokémon is available as a reward for the Pokémon GO Research Breakthrough. This March, Ferroseed makes its debut!

Pokemon GO: Ferroseed on March Research Breakthrough Rewards

The month of March marks the arrival of many events on Pokémon GO, but also a renewal of field studies (quests) and the reward for completing 7 days of quests. This March, Pokémon Ferroseed makes its debut as a reward. It will be available until April 1.


Grass and Steel


Grass and Steel

So remember to put Pinap Berries when you catch Ferroseed, in order to make it easier for him to evolve into Ferrothorn.

Here are the other Pokémon available in the March Field research tasks:

Field Research Task


Catch 5 Pokemon with Weather boost

Poliwag or Vulpix encounter

Catch 3 Grass-, Fire-, or Ground-type Pokemon

Hoppip encounter

Catch 5 Fire-type Pokemon

Torchic encounter

Catch 10 Pokemon

Magikarp encounter

Catch a Dragon-type Pokemon

Dratini encounter

Defeat 3 Team Go Rocket Grunts

Growlithe encounter

Battle in a Raid

Pinsir encounter

Battle in a Gym

Mankey encounter

Battle another trainer

Mankey encounter

Win a Gym battle and Power up Pokemon 5 times (2 quests)

Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle encounter

Battle in a Gym 5 times

Machop encounter

Use a super-effective Charged Attack in 7 Gym battles

Electabuzz encounter

Win 5 Raids

Aerodactyl encounter

Win a level 3 or higher Raid

Kabuto or Omanyte encounter

Win 3 Gym battles

Jynx encounter

Make 3 Great throws

Gastly, Anorith, or Lileep encounter

Make 5 Nice throws

Voltorb encounter

Make 3 Great throws in a row

Onix encounter

Make 5 Great curveball throws in a row

Spinda encounter

Make 3 Excellent throws in a row

Larvitar encounter

Hatch an Egg

Exeggcute encounter

Hatch 3 Eggs

Magmar encounter

Hatch 5 Eggs

Chansey encounter

Transfer 3 Pokemon

Diglett encounter

Trade a Pokemon

Tangela encounter

Evolve a Pokemon

Gloom or Eevee encounter

Take a Snapshot of your Buddy

Sunkern encounter

Send 10 Gifts to friends

Gligar encounter

Earn 5 Hearts with your Buddy

Cherrim encounter

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