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Final Fantasy 7 Remake: First record for speedrunning the demo

Wherever there's a time to beat, there are speedrunners, and the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo is no exception. Here are the first records for running Chapter 1 of the upcoming Square Enix title.

SwiftShadow holds the current world record for the Final Fantasy VII demo, with a time of 14m 50s. The demo is about 45 minutes long if played normally, and his next livestream will be dedicated to attempting a run under 14m30s.

For the moment, there are not many players trying to run the demo, but nevertheless this inaugurates the scene for Final Fantasy VII Remake speedrunning.

Final Fantasy VII Remake: How to unlock the demo's 'secret' ending

You can unlock a teaser for Chapter 2 of the Final Fanatsy VII Remake by completing the playable demo and finding its secret ending.

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