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Pokémon Unite wont be "just another MOBA"

Pokémon Unite wont be "just another MOBA"

The Pokémon Compay answered the questions of a Japanese outlet called Dime and underlined that their upcoming game was a "strategic team battle game" instead of a regular MOBA.

Pokémon Unite wont be

In an interview with the Japanese outlet Dime, Pokémon Company revealed some big details about their upcoming game Pokémon UNITE.

First of all, they don't want Pokémon UNITE to be called a MOBA just like League of Legends, or Dota, but would rather call it a "strategic team battle game".

"I think we can deliver a game experience that adds new value to the genre of MOBA with "Pokemon, said China division executive Yasunori Suenaga.

Although it might sound like a promise to develop esports on their upcoming titles, the Pokémon Company sadly remains quite hesitant regarding the competitive aspect of their title. They're considering the potential of Pokémon UNITE, but aren't focused on that subject yet. However, according to the success of the title, we might see the game integrate the Pokémon Worlds, just like the Pokken Tournament was.

Pokémon UNITE is planned on Switch and smartphone — and the logic behind that is pretty clear. The Pokémon Company wanted to allow all gamers to play their game, whereas they want to use controllers or their thumbs. Moreover, they're aiming at creating bridge between mobile and Switch players to 'unite' their community all around the world.

For now, the game has all the features present in most MOBA that has been developped over the past years. It's a 5v5 map, your character can earn XP, level up, and learn new skills.

The big difference is your goal: you're not aiming at destroying your opponent base but rather at capturing wild Pokémon to make points. Bry bringing them back to your opponents' base you'll apparently earn more points. The Pokémon Company wants the focus of this game to be on strategy rather than on skill and technique.

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