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Pokémon GO: Generation IV Evolutions

Pokémon GO: Generation IV Evolutions

Completing your Pokédex on Pokémon GO is relatively easy, but it requires evolving certain Pokémon. With the release of Generation IV, we take a look at those Pokémon you need to evolve.

Pokémon GO: Generation IV Evolutions

Pokémon from the Sinnoh region are finally available! This also means that Pokémon evolutions from Generation III to Generation IV are possible, but for many, you will need to use a special item alongside the 100-candy requirement — the Sinnoh Stone.

You can earn Sinnoh Stones through Research Breakthroughs, or by participating in Trainer Battles.

List of Gen I, II, and III Pokémon that can evolve into Gen IV


Evolves from Magneton.

100 Magnemite Candy + Magnetic Lure Module required.


Evolves from Lickitung.

100 Lickitug Candy + Sinnoh Stone required.


Evolves from Rhydon.

100 Rhydon Candy + Sinnoh Stone required.


Evolves from Tangela.

100 Tangela Candy + Sinnoh Stone required.


Evolves from Electabuzz.

100 Electabuzz Candy + Sinnoh Stone required.


Evolves from Magmar.

100 Magmar Candy + Sinnoh Stone required.


Evolves from Eevee.

See our guide to Eeveelutions for how to evolve Leafeon!


Evolves from Eevee.

See our guide to Eeveelutions for how to evolve Glaceon!


Evolves from Aipom.

100 Aipom Candy + Sinnoh Stone required.


Evolves from Murkrow.

100 Murkrow Candy + Sinnoh Stone required.


Evolves from Misdreavus.

100 Misdreavus Candy + Sinnoh Stone required.


Evolves from Sneasel.

100 Sneasel Candy + Sinnoh Stone required.


Evolves from Togetic.

100 Togepi Candy + Sinnoh Stone required.


Evolves from Yanma.

100 Yanma Candy + Sinnoh Stone required.


Evolves from Gligar.

100 Gligar Candy + Sinnoh Stone required.


Evolves from Piloswine.

100 Swinub Candy + Sinnoh Stone required.


Evolves from Porygon2.

100 Porygon Candy + Sinnoh Stone required.


Alternative evolution of Snorunt.

100 Snorunt Candy + Sinnoh Stone required.

NOTE: Snorunt must be female.


Alternative evolution of Kirlia.

100 Ralts Candy + Sinnoh Stone required.


Evolves from Nosepass.

100 Nosepass Candy + Magnetic Lure Module required.


Evolves from Roselia.

100 Roselia Candy + Sinnoh Stone required.


Evolves from Dusclops.

100 Duskull Candy + Sinnoh Stone required.


Baby form of Roselia (Egg only).

Mime Jr.

Baby form of Mr. Mime (Egg only).


Baby form of Chansey (Egg only).


Baby form of Snorlax (Egg only).


Baby form of Sudowoodo (Egg only).


Baby form of Chimecho (Egg only).

In short, many Gen IV Pokémon will be able to evolve thanks to your current catches, so keep going through that tall grass!

Shiny Bonsly coming August 5!

Discover the Shiny Pokémon available on the Pokémon GO mobile application.

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Written by Camille "Milkameluna" Chabroud. Translated from the French by Millenium.

Millenium Rédaction

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