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Final Fantasy 7 Remake: OST comes in vinyl double LP form

The soundtrack of FF7 Remake is particularly awaited, and for good reason: the music composed by Nobuo Uematsu still resonates in the heart of many players. On its online store, Square Enix offers a limited edition double-vinyl, dedicated to the OST of both games.

Under the Square Enix Music label, the Japanese publisher offers part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake soundtrack in a pre-order double-vinyl on its online store.

The communication around this track awaited by many fans is even stronger with this deluxe goodies, since the two discs, which will contain 8 tracks of the Remake and 12 tracks of the 1997 game respectively, is sold for just under 90$.

Please note that preorders for the double-vinyl of the temporary exclusivity PS4 are made within the limit of the available stock. You can have a glimpse of the sublime reorchestrations planned for the remake on its official page.

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